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I got this on sale at Lowes in June. Pot says 'Hardy Chicago'. Potted in a bucket and put on a roof. the original main trunk branched off and the smalled green one is getting woody. I have 18 / 20 figs on it. How long would it take for these to ripen? it is still putting out new figs but I started pinching the new ones. 
I had pinched some leaves to get more air and light. no signs of FMV ever.
Is it Hardy CHicago as it was sold? I have a lot of hot habanero peppers ripening now. 80F high humidity.

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Hello Stefano,

I purchased several "Chicago Hardy" from Lowes in June. They are Hardy Chicago. I harvested 3 from 2 plants, but pinched more that 4 dozen figlets. The lowest figs usually ripen first (bottom up). Someone with more experience will chime in about the wait, for ripening after the fig dormant state. I waited for about 2 months after they stopped growing before they ripened.

Good luck

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I can't tell you if your HC figs will ripen before cold weather arrives. On my HC the eyes of figs start to turn red when they begin to ripen so you might watch for that clue.

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Hi Barry, just curious. Where are you located?

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I'm taking some of mine with soon to ripen figs and when the weather starts to turn cold I'm bringing them in and treating them as houseplants with a west window and a lot of artificial light.Once the figs ripen I'll let them go dormant.
Zone 6, MO

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