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After almost 6 years of growing figs I had my first fig to share with my husband.  Because I used permanent marker to identify them the type is unk.  Faded out or washed away.  I believe it came from Beyond Vineyard.  It was 73 grams and sweet but a little watery.  We have had lots of rain...  My husband was elated that we finally had proof that I could produce a ripe fig in WI.

I have figs on Swizzle's unk and on my cutting/tree from Brooklyn.  Unless I get a small greenhouse built before mid Sept. their chances of ripening are slim.

The oldest tree still has not produced a fig.  If not next year I will cut it back and start grafting.  I've got Desert King, Black Jack and several figs from a dear lady in NYC. 

I'm planning to rig up a pulley in the pole barn to remove the 6 yr. old tree from it's pot and root prune and put fresh growing medium in.  It will consist of barn compost, mushroom medium growing (used wheat chaff) and I'm not sure what else.  I have to get this huge, non-producing tree lighter.  Still have to rig up something to put it to bed in the basement for the winter... right now it's called son in law...
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