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Hello all,
I've been lurking here pretty regularly, but don't post much.
I'm still in the early learning phase of my fig addiction, but
I've made some progress with figs. It's been a 2 step forward,
1 step back kind of progress but its been fun. The weather
here in Arizona just recently cooled off enough where it has been
pleasant to work outside and I have a few days free time
to work on chores. I thought I would post a growing log with
a few pictures of my little collection and the progress and pitfalls
I've experienced this first year as a small payback for all the threads
I've lurked through here.

My little collection
Chicago Hardy bought 3 weeks ago from Hirts via Amazon
This is a TC plant? It has grown a bit from delivery day but
it has a long ways to go.

Blue Ischia bought from Hirts 3 weeks ago
Also a TC plant? It has grown a bit as well
I'm hoping this turns out to be the same variety as Ischia Black

Atreano I rooted from a cutting started last March
I got the cutting from Encanto Farms annual sale.
These have huge leaves.

Adriatic JH I rooted from a cutting started last march.
I got the cutting from Ebay, seller "driveway farmer".
1st picture is leaves, 2nd the plant profile.
I think I'll put this in the ground this fall because of all the good reviews

Ronde de Bordeaux I rooted from a cutting started last march
I got the cutting from Ebay, seller "Trees of Joy"
1st pic of leaves, second is the plant profile
This is now the largest plant of any variety I rooted this spring.
It now has a few figs that I'm hoping will give me a taste this fall.

Vista I rooted from a cutting started in march
I got the cutting from Encanto farms annual sale
Healthy looking plant, is this the same as VDB I already have?

Strawberry verte I rooted from a cutting started in march
I got the cutting from Ebay, seller "06picl"

My in-ground trees are doing pretty well. Last October I planted a VdB and a Panache
in the back yard. I bought them at the local Home Depot during the 1/2 off end-of-season sale.
I got about 20 figs each from the VdB and the Panache this August and they were great. They
appear to be setting a few fruit for a late crop so I may get some more in October? They went
dormant last year in mid December, so there is still time here I hope.

1st pic is my VdB as it is today, 2nd is early December last year, about 6 weeks after planting.

1st pic is of my Panache as it is today, 2nd is from early December about 6 weeks after planting.

I'm pretty happy with the progress my plants have made so far. I've already learned a little
bit about what they like as far as water and fertilizer so I'm hoping to do better in the future.
I'm hoping I can bring the ones I have through the winter and get to taste figs from all of
them next year.

I do have to tell on myself as far as some newbie mistakes though. I had cuttings for LSU gold,
Tacoma Violet and Black Madeira that I managed to loose. I killed the LSU gold by transitioning
it to unfiltered sunlight too quickly. Tacoma Violet died because I made some kind of mistake potting
it up as a rooted cutting. Black Madeira never made any roots or leaves in spite of my best efforts.
I still have a lot to learn.

Where I would like to get eventually is to have 4 favorite varieties planted in ground, that's about
all I have permanent room for. I already have planted the Panache and VDB in the ground, but I
don't know for certain they are what I will want to end up with.

If you've read this far and have some pointers or comments, or see a variety that doesn't look right,
I'm all ears.

bada_bing in Tucson, zone 9a
or at work in Prudhoe bay, I don't think the zones go that low
My in ground trees: VdB, Panache 
My potted figs : Vista, RdB, Strawberry verte, Atreano, Black Madeira
Tissue culture plants: Hardy Chicago, "Blue" Ischia, Desert King, LSU Purple, Kadota, Celeste  
Hope to find: CdDx, Maltese Beauty, BlacK Ischia, desert adapted figs

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Great Pictures.....Thanks for posting.....I have gotten by that Fig bug and have decided to expand my small collection.....yeah I lose some figlets....its long as its replaceable.......Hope your weather gets better soon...I hate that Humidity......Keep us posted on the progress.....when my figlets become trees I will hit you up for some trading...
Armando in the Heart of California


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Nice pictures of a nice collection
Thx, glad to be here

Waskom Tx Zone 7B/8

Wish list: anything anyone wants me to have. LSU RED.  Any LSU fig.

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Hello bada_bing,
Thanks for posting pictures and commentary.
There is always a learning curve (it gets better with time and experience). Good Luck.

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great start
Greg North West Arkanasas Zone 6b
Wish list: any SPECTACULAR cold hardy figs, and/or perhaps a Niagra Bl., Laradek EBT, Kathleen's Bl, Hunt, a great UNK or anything anyone wants me to have???
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