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Hi everyone,

I have not eaten either but have heard rave reviews of both scion I recently acquired. Based on others' descriptions (no first hand experience) I will summarize:

1- Extremely sweet, small, green mountain fig. Originally from mountains outside Shiraz (south), grown commercially for drying into the small hard dried figs now in Estahban. Supposed to be the best of many similar strains. May turn out to be a clean strain of Adriatic or perhaps a Calimyrna is my best guess. I would bet unfortunately needs wasp... but it may possibly bear some crop without it. This is not the anjire koohi I posted pictures of that are large purple figs. Like a member commented on that thread, anjire koohi (or Mountain Fig) is somewhat of a generic term used to describe many of the wild mountainous figs in Iran. This is originally a mountain fig, however was taken to Estahban for commercial growing and has now found its way back to hobbyist growers in Shiraz (close to the mountains it originates from).
Likely the fig (or one of the figs) discussed in this Gardenweb thread.
FYI Anjir=fig, koohi=of the mountain.

2- Large, beautiful purple fig with high flavor. I don't think needs wasp, but not guaranteed. Favorite of backyard fig hobbyist growers in Shiraz.

Both will be tested and reported back. I can't really share them with confidence as I don't know their wasp status, scion is limited, and don't know how they will fare in wetter climatic conditions. However, they are both highly praised for unique and high flavor that stood out in large collections so worth a try. I don't have falsely high hopes, but hope to eventually introduce some news winners over the next few years as others have for the fig community.
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