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got the 1st one from Lowes for $3
no tag

i got the second tree as a cutting from a property in New Orleans
it was a very old house in an old neighborhood and an established tree.
the house was for sale for unpaid taxes, so i figured no one would mind i took a cutting
anyway... i have no idea what it is

i just had 4-5 fruit the last 2 days.
they were very good. somewhat sweet, but not overly so
i picked them when they were soft (im still a newbie at figs)
but , they didnt seem very dark colored.
maybe its the rain ? its been raining for 7 days straight.

back to tree 1

Tree #1




Tree #2

this was the darkest colored one

New Orleans La.
zone 9

growing subtropical food-forest
figs = Black Mission, Celeste, 2 un-named, and 4 cuttings started

guava, papaya, mango, fig, mulberry, jujube.......,
white, black, and mamey sapote....,
Cherimoya, lychee, longan, several psidium/guava relatives, Jaboticaba, citrus, Jamun, natal plum,
and about 100 more...


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I'm guessing the 2nd one is Celeste.  

The first one might be Brunswick given the long-fingered leaves.  However, the growth habit of the tree reminds me a lot of my Vasilika Sika (Belleclare) which is a Dalmatie type.  Once you see the fruit it will help a lot with the ID.

Steve MD zone 7a

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