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Ok, here is the one of the most requested figs from UC Davis.  It's called Black Ischia.  The taste was extremely good.  I almost got sick after eating so many of these!!!  But I did not care!  Some were over ripe but on that day, those I picked were excellent!  The tree at UC Davis is a dwarf.  This is on reason why I guess most never get requeted cuttings.  There's just not enough to go around! 

I got lucky last year and got some cutting and they rooted.  BI is a slow growing tree. My 2 are small but are growing.  Mine are heavily infested with the virus but again, they are growing.  I am seeing new growth after repotting it in a self watering pot.  Black Ischia has a very good flavor but I think Zidi and Black Mission comes very close to it in a taste test.  Enjoy!

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Lovely pictures. I ordered it last year and didn't get it. I'll try it again this year. The fig sure looks tasty.


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Thank you for the pictures. I got some cuttings of this from Jon a couple months ago, and from several, I got 2 to root. The young plantlets look healthy and are growing, but are very prone to wilting. Other comparable rooted cuttings I've been able to acclimate gradually to full sun, but these two black Ischias just wilt after a few minutes in bright light, or even breezy conditions. Not sure what's up with them. They definitely are not what I would consider 'strong' plants, but those pictures remind me why I am willing to give them more care than others.


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I got one 1/4" diameter cutting of Black Ischia from UC Davis this year, and turned that into 4 short cuttings.  It looks like 3 have taken, but it took a while.
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