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Every year it changes,depending on  what  new cultivar become mature enough to produce properly ripe fruits.
This year:
In 2011,"Col de dame grise" made a couple of ripe fruits,more flavorful and more tasty than all others.
In other years:
2007 (best warm Summer),Violette de Bordeaux,was best
2008: Maltese Falcon
2009:Col de Dame white
2010:JH Adriatic

OF course others were making ripe fruits ,that were very close in quality,but ,there is room,for only one to be declared champion,so that is why,Kathleen Blk,Nero 600,Bataglia,and others are not up there.
Here is a pix of Col de Dame white,very similar to grise and black ,only exterior color differ!

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That Col de Dame White looks great ; when did the Col de Dame Grise ripen ?
Could you list your top ten for this season ?
Thanks ,

Kerry Zone 5 NH
Wish list :Galicia Negra , Col de Dame Blanca/Negra  .

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I am with you Hermann.. Col de Dame white best tasting this year, intense berry flavor
and holds up in the rain... this was still a great tasting fig after 4 days of rain.


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Scott North Georgia Zone 7b


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Kerry:I had 2 ripe Col de Dame grise this year.
One was ripe on October 15,and the second one got ripe a couple of days ago,but still ,very good tasting,with the special flavor.
Col de Dame white was ripe in,2009,on September 10,so that was showing me it is not such a very late cultivar.
Yet this year I concluded the CDD grise was so late because of totally adverse cold ,and rainy Summer,that made many more other cultivars late,and some not to ripe properly at all.
One requirement for this special cultivars when grown in adverse climate,is that the grower make sure the plant is placed(if in pot),or planted in ground,in such a location,as to  receive ,"totally full sun all day".
Only with this requirement satisfied by the letter,one can have guaranteed success.
In my case,I have removed all the large trees out from my backyard,but My neighbors have tall 60 foot + Fir and ash trees on both sides,and so,there is some shade a couple of hours in the morning,and another couple of hours in the afternoon.
If there was full sun possible I am sure I will have ripe fruits much earlier,and ripe every year.


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You keep proving there are great white figs. This one really looks good. Another one to add to everyone's list to get. Thanks for showing.





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Well Luke,One thing I want to point to you:
Tho the Col de Dame is similar in all three types,Wht Blk,and Grise,in my opinion,The Col de Dame Grise is a notch better tasting than The white variant.
Yes CDD White is a 10 when properly ripe But,Col de Dame Grise was 10+1,in my opinion.
Now all I got to do is find the proper spot to grow.
I allready moved one plant in the middle of the yard,to get close to full sun,so,now I have 2 Col de Dame grise planted in ground,one next to South side wall,and one in the middle of yard.


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So there are. Four types of Col De Dame?
NJ z7a

Wish list :

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Herman Col D Damma has been hard for me to ripen with my 2 year old trees. I may have to pinch them. All three variants for me have been great growers. How are you winter protecting them?

How do these compare to Vasilika Sika? The tree has been a very aggressive grower for me and also considered one of the gold standards in terms of taste..


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I do not know how it compares to Vasilika Sika as My VS Tree did not fruit this year.
AS for  winter protection,I used leaves inside chicken wire circle.
Edit note:
Winters like so:

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jpeg DSCN2076.JPG (112.50 KB, 94 views)


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I really like the chicken wire and leaves idea. Does it work good for you?

Jason V
Egg Harbor Twp., NJ/ Zone 7

Wishlist: Nothing.

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Yes It works well.
I would like to point out that ,there is a water barrier,(plastic)at about six inches down from top,into the leaves so the rain does not wet the leaves down close to the tree.


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I use something similar, and like Herman put a plastic barrier about six inches from the top to keep the center of the tree from getting wet. I had fencing [with larger holes] given to me so because the holes were big, I wrapped the outside with burlap to keep the leaves in better.

We had -12 degrees F. in February and my three in-ground trees survived without problems.

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