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I harvested today what is remaining from the figs that started ripening under rainy conditions.
They are off color and only very good tasting,not excellent like in 2010.
In 2011 i also had less than excellent tasting figs in August,but to the end of September and October,I did have top quality ripe figs.
These are from:
Marseilles black VS,Malta Black,Gino's fig,Hardy Chicago and Sal Gene Strain.
The largest in size are Malta Black,the darkest are Gino's fig.
Because of bad climatic conditions none of them did not take the proper beautiful color and shine.
Yet because they are still loaded with unripe figs ,some will develop to the max,flavor and sugar later in the season.
So far I harvested twice before ,one other 3.5 kilos are in the freezer,and harvested today another 3.5 Kilos.
The first harvest was 2.6 Kilos and they had a lot of water in them so we only made 4 ,10 ounces jars of fig jam.
We also harvest Atreano,Kathleen Black,Improved Celeste,in small numbers,and they are consumed fresh by my Family.

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Still a pretty good haul!
Zone 6, MO

Wish list:
Martineca Rimada, Galicia Negra, Fioroni Ruvo, De La Reina - Pons, Tauro, BFF, Sefrawi, Sbayi, Mavra Sika , Fillaciano Bianco, Corynth, Souadi, Acciano Purple, LSU Tiger, LSU Red, Cajun Gold, BB-10 any great tasting fig
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