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   DATE:          May 6, 2014

Each year Washington State University compiles a summary report of the USDA National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) germplasm that was received by Washington state residents. Below is a list of the accessions that you received in 2013. I ask that you take a few minutes to send me your responses to the questions below for each accession – just a few sentences are all that is needed. Also please include any updates regarding plant germplasm you received in previous years. Copies of publications or extracted/modified portions of any project reports that are relevant to the plant germplasm you received are welcome. Your information is important to USDA and NPGS as it provides justification for the continuation of this program.

followed by many questions...

>>>>Did any of you receive this inquiry?

Seattle, WA

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I received some grape cuttings from them in 2005, and at some point years later I got a similar letter.
Calvin Littleton,CO z5/6
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It is pretty amazing that they distribute material at no charge; it is important to help justify the ongoing existence of such a useful govt program.
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up until last yr, i used to send my results to USDA/UCD for the fig cuttings. i haven't done that yet this yr. i should do yearly reports, but not really sure if they really want it or not. 
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