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Excited to pick very first fruit, a year after discovering this fig growing passion.

Here are some pics of the fruit and the leaf.

There are 11 breba fruits in total and none has dropped.

It has been 14 months since discovering this forum, reading and learning from knowledgeable, folks on this forum, meeting some of you, acquiring first plant, first cutting, overwintering plants, attempting to root, and now picking first fruit. Almost a complete cycle for a beginner.

Thank you all for helping in many different ways.

Some of you will be able to ID the variety. I suppose I know what it might be, but will not reveal it at this time.



 Damir Leaf.jpg 



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Desert king? Anyway, looks great, and congratulations on your progress!
Zone 7b, Queens, New York

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Sorry, unable to ID, but congrats on your 1st Breda. Looks good!
Dallas, TX - Zone 8a

Wish List: Col de Dame Blanche, Brogiotto Bianco, Sicilian White, Panache


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Dusan, a generous donor of the tree says it is LSU gold.

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Back in early August when I picked the breba and took a picture of the plant, there were main crop fruits visible too.
some of them showed in late June, others were comming later.
As the summer progressed, they grew to a certin size (half size of ripen fruit), turned lighter in colour and dropped.
The dropping process is still going on.
The plant otherwise looks healthy, not stressed and is growing new fruits.
Observingthe above makes me think that this is a Desert King rather than LSU-gold.

At the same time there are two more candidates for DK that I have.
One plant I received as a rooted cutting from a local oldtimer grower.
The mother tree sets breba that ripens at the same time mine supposed LSU-gold turned ripe (mid July).
second-main crop sets later in August and drops as supposed for a San Pedro type since not pollinated.
This year my now 2-yr old cutting sprouted a branch an set main fruit in late Julne.
Yesteday I picked ripe main crop of unpollinated DK.
Just short of miracle!
Size almost as large as those on the picture in the original post, interior almost white color, sweet and not figgy at all.
Looks like I have two DKs!
An the third candidate for DK may not be DK at all since it did not yet drop (steel green) main crop fruit.

thanks to rafal for hint on DK


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You should be able to distinguish LSU Gold from Desert King by the color of the breba's pulp, no?
Steve MD zone 7a


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Would be "LSU-Gold" had amber to light strawberry pulp color.
Main crop DK picked up yesterday had off-white beige pulp.
DK fruit and leaf is here DK leaf.jpg 

So far have  not had a chance to see true DK.jpg 
LSU-gold pulp

If LSU-gold fruit shape is supposed to be flattened, my fruit shape was rather pyriform, therefore it is not LSU-gold

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