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Coastal Southern British Columbia Zone, Canada -- Fraser Valley region, zone 6/7 :

My 3 most advance main crop varieties grown in pot culture are Norella, LSU Improved Celeste & LSU O'rourke. Current figlet size is about a mid size ripe blue berry. My other 8 reliable in-ground trees that are exhibiting main crop tiny figlets/bumps in a good numbers are Florea, RdB, Latarulla, Osborne Prolific, Barbillone, LSU Champagne and Longue d'Aout. I have not check the other in-ground usual reliable main croppers Nebo and Melanzana "not"AF. Note -- last winter was mild and spring like weather started early this season.

Hope others can chime in on their most advance main crop variants based on their climatic zone

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Fern forest, Hawaii 2400ft zone 12a. Most of the figs that are ripening now formed in January.

Very close to ripening >30 days
Figo Preto
Wuhan (main crop)
LSU Gold
LSU Golden Celeste
LSU Hollier

<30 days from ripening
Peter's Honey
Grise Olivette
Valley Black
Wuhan (Breba)

(Zone 12a) Big Island, Hawaii, 2,400 ft elevation, Fern Forest. Avg. July High 77,Avg.Jan.Low 56 Precipitation days 290, annual rainfall 201.80 inches.

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My first 2 in pots with pea size main crop figlets now are Maltese Beauty and Black Madeira (I gave them a head start in my green house). My inground desert king has some cherry sized brebas. Also my potted-inground Gentile Bianco and Grise de Tarascon has ping pong ball sized brebas.


London, Ontario zone 6a
Wish List: Anything that is early ripening.... productive... and tasty :)

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My lsu gold is by far the winner for me. Has around 40 figs bigger then a quarter that are not ripening yet. They will be huge again this year second will be California brown turkey them Maltese beauty.
WINRERS ARE VERY MILD LOW 20'S BUT WARMS RIGHT UP DURING THE DAY. SUMMER IS EXTREMELY HOT & HUMID 100 degrees 100% humidity fig tree grow like crazy but some split from rain & humidity
Wish list. Col de dame blanc
Col de rimada
Lsu numbered figs

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Potted trees:
RdB is in the lead.  Preto is 2nd place.  Both are at 1/3 their anticipated ripened size.  Valle Negra follows.  Everything else is about pea-sized.

The ground trees haven't shown figlets yet.

zone 7a - VA

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Here, no maincrop figs for now- not even 1 .
Some brebas got too cold a weather and fell. Lots of brebas are in stalled stage ... waiting for July to start ripening ...
Maincrop figs normally show up in July, here . Sorry... I'm in Zone7 .

Climate from -25°C to + 35°C
Only cold hardy figtrees can make it here

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Update 1st June 2016 -- main crop pea size figlets found on my brief walk-about fig forest are:

Blava                                  Kelphonia               Roundhill                           Gypsy
LSU White Honey                Ginoso                   NJ Red                                W.Triana
Nero600                              Polacci                   I395                                 Dark Portuguese
LSU St Gabriel                     Pennisi                  Genovese Nero Robert         Sal's El
LSU Scott Yellow                  I258                      Takoma Violet                    Chico Strawberry
Kesiarani                            VdB                       Moscatel Preto                    Enrico
Colasanti Dark                   Maltese Falcon         Bellone                              Adriatic JH
Pane E Vino White              Unknown #5           LSU Jack Lily                      Smith

Quite certain I should be able to harvest most of the main crop from the above variants. Disappointed
nothing showing on Blk Maderia/Preto in Green house inspite of increase fertilizing frequency with higher 
"P"(Miracle Gro) fertilizer.

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Your zone is way ahead of us for main crop figlets here in zone 6.
I am just now starting to see some figlets on Atreano.
Do have many brebas on black Sicilian, petite negri, capelas, fico bianco and ciccio nero.  Overall this year's breba production is way down for some reason.  No brebas on Enrico, Sal's C, Melanzana AF, Paradiso Bronze and only a few on Desert King. 
I wonder if figs are on a 2 year cycle for 1st crop figs production? 


Pino, zone 6, Niagara
Wish List: Brogiotto Bianco, Fico Datto, Fiorone di Ruvo, Fracazzano Multicolore, Fiorone Oro, Popone, Rigato del Salento and other multi colour striped figs

Pino's Figs / Pino's Photos; 2017 Brebas / 2017 Main crop


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@Pino -- I am sure I missed out accounting for some variants that are bearing main crop figlets as some areas of
my garden are too pack with fig trees. This is the first time I am documenting what variants are having main crop before June. 
This would help me in deciding what variants to jump start next season in my green house/enclosed patio. I would certainly
jump start Blk Maderia, Preto, Jordanian, Noir de Barbentane, Sofeno Preto, Cddc's, Barnisotte etc next season.


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Here only a few: In ground:
Malta Black
Improved Celeste (ORN)
Marseilles black VS
In pot:The only plant i have this way:
They have very tiny fruits, as small as a black pepper seed.

Zone 6 b southern NJ

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PNW, cool climate, I get some tiny main fig on small young trees.
Hardy Chicago, Italian Honey, Olympian, Brunswick, Unk Green fig ( bebra and main)

Most of them might not be able ripen them on time in cool climate, Need very early ripen varieties.

- BC, Canada, PNW Zone 8B, Heat zone 2/3, Windy area
- Wish list -  RdB, any good varieties for low heat cool summer PNW.


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Here in the Chattanooga, TN (7a) area my LSU Purple and LSU Gold in pots lead. Brown Turkey and Celeste in the ground follow. Many of my 2 year olds showing bumps! (VBD, Lil Miss Figgie,Green Ischia and others).
I found an  "Italian Black" in 3 gallon pot at a local garden center fo $20 and brought it home. Also picked up several "Ischia" at Wally world for $16 seems to be some discussion as to if they are "Ischia", both have figs so we shall see.....Getting too many if that is possible....30 something outside and 20 more new starts under lights inside.

Ooltewah, TN (SE TN) Zone 7a

LSU figs.....Purple, Gold, Tiger, Champagne, O'Rourke, and Scott's Black. (GEAUX TIGERS!)

 Brown Turkey, Black Jack, Black Italian, Brandy, Celeste, Condradia, Chicago Hardy, Dalmatie, Desert King, Ischia Green, Italian Black, Kadota, Lil Miss Figgie, Lil Ruby, Olympian, Black Bethlehem, Panache, Jelly, Petite Negra, Raspberry Latte, Siblawi, Texas Everbearing, Violette de Bordeaux, White Marseille.  And very rare, top secret "unknowns" AKA as Lost tags! Plus many vaguely described figs such as "Louisiana Brown", "NOLA Irish Bayou" and  "LA Yellow", "Unk Purple" " Teramo unk"and on and on (I love unknowns).
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