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Too beautiful not to post 2017 pictures. It will get darker when it is ready for picking. My reliable high quality fig. The plateful of Enrico figs were taken last year. There are 2 strains of Enrico Fig. One is from me & the other is from USA who named his fig Enrico. I have not seen pictures of the USA strain of Enrico.

Some background of my Enrico Fig - I got this variant from Prof.Michael Bostock who scoured around Vancouver, Canada and found this fig grown by an Italian family. Michael did inform me that this Fig came from Italy & likely a family of Brogiotto variants. It was a no name Fig, hence he named it the Enrico fig. This variant have been reliable, productive, High quality taste, & grown in ground. When this variant ripens, it is one of our favourites

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This is a very nice fig !


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Good info

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Very nice fig and so productive for you in PNW!

Pino, zone 6, Niagara
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Thanks for the 2017 updated history and information on your Enrico fig Paul. Beautiful pictures too. Mine that originated from you is doing very well with a few figs on it this year. Last year I got one fig out of it and tried different places before it finally settled happily in a half barrel.
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