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Last week had first Violette de Bordeaux and Celeste. Others will be ripe this weekend. Very unusual to have ripe fruit in July here in paradise.
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We had a freeze on april 15 that set us back, it was a mild winter, and every tree except the Fico Santo leafed out before the cold..but yes figs are ripening earlier than last year...I can only immagine what it would be like if the freeze did not happen.

So far the lemon fig tree is comming into its own, and it's pretty good this year when well ripe, fico santo is a bit bland, and still waiting on a texas everbearing to ripen...

West Florida / Panhandle (Central time). Can get cold for figs...down to 12 F twice in last five years. Zone 8a, not counting the recent "upgrade"

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Congratulations Jon. Over here I am experiencing never before this early ripening of some breba figs from Conadria, Barbillone,
Deleon, 184-36, Gino,, Faliciano, Yugo Yellow, LSU Champagne, VdB, Dark Portuguese.... inspite of later spring like type weather
starting later

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Enjoy it while you can.  The occasional unusual is OK!

Here in Niagara we had cool and wet spring and so far cool and wet summer with damaging hail on several occasions.  
Mid-term result;
the figs look better than ever except for the hail damage, nature has been very kind in helping to water the figs almost daily,
the brebas are 2 weeks delayed but are the biggest brebas ever and yet taste has been great (I learned to always make sure you pick figs when ripe or be ready to process them or feed to pets).

Forecast now is for the weather to clear up, hopefully we get a month of sun and hot weather to ripen the main crop figs.
Happy figging!

Have you ever seen a Neveralla breba this large?
This year they are bigger than my fico bianco must be weighing in at 90 gr.  The ones on the tree ripening today are even bigger.
fb neveralla IMG_7592.jpg 



Pino, zone 6, Niagara
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Hmm, we had a blizzard mid May this year. Latest I have ever seen snow and that even goes for when I was a kid living in North Dakota. Anywho, brebas are just starting to ripen now, it will be 2-3 weeks later than the last couple of years.
Calvin Littleton,CO z5/6
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