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anybody ever try and root a long cutting say 24 inches??? The gentleman up the street received long rooted cuttings and the lower 4-6 inches had roots and were in moist soil and the upper 18 inches was just a cutting with small buds emerging say 6-8 leaves and or branching buds... Wanted to know technique to get roots on lower cutting while preserving upper wood???

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I have done cuttings up about 18". Just put the bottom end in some sort of rooting mix, 6" deep, and let the rest stick out. When I do it, I put them in the greenhouse where it is pretty humid, so they don't dry out. I generally only do longer cuttings when they are 1" in diameter, or larger.

Here are some larger cuttings rooted in a bag, just like regular cuttings: they were 16" long, and p to 1-1/4" in diameter:

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