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This one was received last fall as an 8 inch tall plant rooted that year.  It grew significantly this year, put on a lot of little figs, all of which I removed except the first one.  This one finally ripened after months of waiting;  I waited until it was hanging loosely and the skin had started to wrinkle a bit.  The weather has been variable the past month - lots of clouds, some rain, day time temps varying from 50s to an unseasonable 80 on this past Tuesday, night times were down to upper 30's on occasion.  I broiught it into my garage when the night time temps were below 50.  

The fig was very soft, the skin was soft except for a small tough patch where the fig has had a scar or rough patch on the skin for months.  It was very juicy and flavorful but not as sweet as some I have tasted elsewhere.  Not sure I can say there was a flavor reminiscent of other fruits, just fig.  Hopefully with better summer weather, a bigger plant, and a bigger pot next spring, I will get more of these earlier in the season to try in 2015. 

vdb whole.JPG 

vdb cut.JPG 

I have 2 more figs on first year plants I have been waiting for as well, a Strawberry Verte and a Grasa's Unk. Purple, which have been sitting there large, hard and unchanged for a long time.  Temps are dropping significantly over the next week and I am not sure they will ripen for me.  

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Congrats. VDB is a very good performer and will get better with age. My 2 year old tree produced a bunch of figs this year and were very good.
john Zone 7a NY

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We have a good producing Negronne (same as VdB some say)  and the fruit varies. Main crop is better than first crop and early main crop is better than late main crop.  We are growing out a couple more potted plants and I may even try an inground since we like the figs so much.
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