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Hi I have a large VDB tree and it had a good crop a couple of months ago which produced some very large and plump figs.  While I was harvesting those, a second, much larger crop started developing.  So here it is a couple of months later and all those figs have really not grown very much.  They look small and are dry and ribbed - they're just not developing like the first crop.  I've had this happen earlier years and the figs just get/stay really hard and small.  Any ideas what's up and how I can help them along (probably next year)?  Thanks!

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That's normal. Your first crop was the breba that develop on last yrs wood. The current crop is the main crop. Those set at the stagnant stage longer than the breba. If your season is long enough the main crop will ripen when they should. It's normal that part of the main crop doesn't have time to ripen.

It would help if we knew where you are located and what your growing methods are like. You can ripen more main crop by lengthening your growing season with a greenhouse or by getting them growing earlier if in pots.

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And if I might chime in as a newbie here to fig growing, I have had really great success ripening my figs with pinching back the newest leaf on all my trees every couple of weeks.  Figs that never ripened before are growing instead of just tons of leaves.  I hope you find a good method for getting more figs.  Cheers, Jodi
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