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it was good.
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Durham, NC
Zone 7b

"don't talk to me about naval tradition. It's nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash." - sir winston churchill
"the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." - the baroness thatcher

***** all my figs have FMV/FMD, in case you're wondering. *****
***** and... i don't sell things. what little i have will be posted here in winter for first come first serve base to be shared. no, i'm not a socialist...*****


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Nice Pete!  I ate one last night, one this morning, and there are several pending.  Keeping an eye out for the Birdies!!  They like em too!


Zone 9b, Southern California. "First year they sleep, Second year they creep, Third year they leap!"  Wish List:  I wish all of you happy fig collecting!  My wishes have been fulfilled!

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VDB is the best tasting breba I have ever had, your look great!!

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Very nice figs. Do you have problems with birds eating them.

Wish List: Col de Dame Negra and Gris, Noire de Caramba, Abicou Noire, Zingarella, Sultan, Dalmatie and any Yugoslavian(Bosnian, Serbian,Croatian...).
Atlanta, Georgia

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I also had a Vista Mission Breba yesterday ,and it was twice as long,as the fruit in your pix.
It suppose to be Identical to Violette de Bordeaux,but Breba shape tells otherwise.
Very long and narrow Breba ,i have another one coming from Vista ,and can see it is not identical in shape as the Breba I had from Edible Landscaping Violette,in 2009.
Otherwise the 2 figs are very similar,in leaves,and growing style,so they are related but not the same.
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