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This tree is 6 or 7 years old now. Got a head start indoors in a south facing window and the breba crop started finishing on 5/10. It was nice to have a few early figs in May but overall this isn't that great.
The figs were perfectly ripe, not very sweet maybe a 5.5 on the sweetness scale along with flavor intensity. Flavor was sort of a peach/melon combo but very slight.
The brebas have been ripening over the last couple of days so when I go out in the morning to do my watering I grab one or 2 that are ripe and just eat them off the tree. First impression when I do that is eh, not bad.. Better than having no figs to eat. :). 

Last year the main crop was horrible. Had me thinking that maybe this isn't a common fig.

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Jeff in zone 6a
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