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What cultavars produce a 3 rd crop in north America?

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LSU Purple produces three distinct crops for sure according to LSU research data. To me it just looks like an "ever bearing" fig. Improved Celeste (not the O'Rourke) has an ever bearing fruiting characteristic too. We are talking about producing good tasting figs from July through the month of November in zone 9. White Triana is a good producer too.....not yet sure how many distinct crops. MY WT did not have time to fully ripen the last crop and it got zapped pretty bad by the winter temperatures.

Tim, watch you don't leave too many figs on your young trees just before winter. IMO, that can drain too much energy from the tree and winter will cause it some damage.....even in zone 9. Quite a few of my late season figs had this kind of damage this past winter.

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I think it would depend on the length of your season. Here in SE Texas,  Atreano(RR) is one that stands out . Mild Second crop here but super complex rich,sweet all rolled into one. The second crop ripens too fast in our summer heat, but ripens very slowly in the cool fall temperatures up until our first freeze(usually late Nov.- mid December). I've got brebas this year and am anxious to see how they turn out Many others are more everbearing in nature rather than a distinct third crop here( Tena, Adriatic, Vdb, Stella,  Yellow Marseilles, LSU Gold, LSU Purple and Marlow were all excellent last Nov./Dec.) 

Another factor is that my winters are fairly mild --- 25F for lows most years and don't have to put up with too much freeeze damage to set them back. I'll have a longer list next year, hopefully.

Southeast Texas
Zone 9
Wish List:Noire de Caromb, Maltese Beauty,Socorro Black, Others especially tight eyed varieties.
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