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this year I digged up some trees I had inground the greenhouse.
they were the start of my collection. one year raised up from cuttings,
and 2 years inground. they are in big pots and doing well. there is just one problem - space;) the growing difference to figs I had grown outside or in pots is incredible.
the ones in the small pots are from last year.

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jpeg Becane.jpg (99.96 KB, 52 views)
jpeg Blanche_Alsache.jpg (182.49 KB, 48 views)
jpeg Contessina_(Conadria).jpg (197.35 KB, 33 views)
jpeg Dorree_(Goutte_D´Or).jpg (172.72 KB, 42 views)
jpeg Grise_de_Saint_Jean.jpg (237.57 KB, 33 views)
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Mike, great looking pics!

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There you are, Mike. The plants look good. Good luck for the fig season.

Ottawan-Z5a, Canada

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Hi Mike,
thanks for posting the pictures and i look forward to seeing more as the season gets older.

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Mike.. great photos! I wish you luck.
Today, I put some cuttings in Sandwich bag with damp paper. I should be as lucky as you !   Fred

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Sturdy-looking trees--may I be so lucky! What do the notations (i.e., "6A") mean that are written on the branches?

Tucson, Arizona
Zone 8b
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