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Mailed some cuttings to Singapore and was surprised that it took only 8 days, Sent some also to Mexico City and it toolk 9 days.....Shipped using International Priority. They emailed me to say they looked good. I sent some cuttings over the summer to Indonesia and it took 3 weeks, he said they look good also. 

What Worked for me:

I cut them fresh and soaked them for about 2 hours in water. 
I then put them in water again with a hint of Fungicide3 for about 20minutes.
Then Wrapped them in a white paper towel that is very moist but not soaked
and placed in ziploc bag. Last and not Least I prayed that they arrived in
good condition and Blessed the Customer.

My Question is to our fellow members is how many days to ship to Hungary, Australia, Europe etc.....
any answers on countries would be helpful.  Thanks !!!!

Armando in the Heart of California

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