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Florida Hill Nursery has 8 fig varieties at $6.99 each but when you read their information page on figs, it has a lot of misinformation's, like "their flowers are fragant..." and "....when planted too close there will be cross pollination..."
For those interested it might be a source of plants at very low price. (are lab grown)

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that would be a neat trick... cross pollinate figs in east coast.

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***** all my figs have FMV/FMD, in case you're wondering. *****
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I wonder how accurate the labels are.
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Not very accurate, I'll wager.  They are using photos for the figs that don't fit, and these pics seem to be used generically by several online vendors.  See magnolia/Brunswick and LSU purple pics, both of which are clearly wrong.  I'll stay away despite the great price.

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Avoid FHN. They are shady at best. Those of us growing blueberry on the gardenweb ran into them trying to buy Sweetcrisp blueberry. They sent me plants twice, second as replacements, and I never did get a single Sweetcrisp out of 20 plants. No one else did either.

If you want more unknowns in your collection by all means buy all you can afford.

Steve in Alpine TX 7b/8a
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I would avoid FHN at ALL costs. 

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Most forum members already know this, but I have bought seven tissue-cultured "Black Mission" fig trees from Florida Hill Nursery.  The trees were as advertised, tiny, small plugs, and supposed to be free of FMV.  For the small price, I ordered.  The trees were shipped November-2012, and were over-wintered in a warm kitchen, on a sunny window sill.  The trees lived.

Fast-forward to 2013....these same tiny, tissue-cultured trees, are now close to 3 ft. tall, and look to be clean, healthy, and showing no symptoms of FMV.  Yes, "Black Mission" with no FMV...and in my climate, I'll bet they will stay disease/virus free.  I hope. $0.02 worth.

Bronx, NYC
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