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Abebereira. Cutting from the 2010 Encanto Farms Scion Sale. This is the first and only fig to ripen this season and this is late. It was a large fig; larger than Atreano and Conadria which are my two largest this season.The flavor was surprisingly good - a rich sweetness followed by a burst of figgy-berry (more fig with a hint of berry) flavor that made me wonder a) what it would taste if ripened in the heat, b) how good it will be if dead ripe, and c) why it ripened only one fig. Needless to say, my late in the season protocol is to leave the figs on until they concentrate their sugars, i.e., wrinkled and ugly. Otherwise, the figs have been tasteless. I did not wait for this one to concentrate its sugars and still I am impressed. It was a juicy fig with seeds to give it texture but not enough for a crunch. Next season I hope to learn more. Until then...I can't wait.


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Thanks for sharing the late ripening fig photo. The fig looks pretty as is. I hope it will ripen earlier next year in the heat with yet better taste.

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