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A good Surprise.
After droping 11 main crop figs,Barnisotte is maturing one.
It is Big(50 grams),with close eye,and did not crack so far.
I was at the point to discard it when droping last fruit.
He saved itself.
BEALL was Very sick with fig mosaic,and has only three figs,but did not drop any.
It has a beautifull Deep purple color,and close eye,wich is + in my climate.
I have net over them to be able to let them ripe for flavor,assesement.
I got them in Jan 2006 from UC Davis.
If Beall will be good to my taste buds i think it will be a keeper.
Both are really promissing,and doing much better than other UC Davis cuttings.
I should mention that i was getting cuttings of Barnisotte three times from UC Davis,and Finally i Have one.
It is very hard to root it.
Best Regards

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Barnisotte is definitely a keeper. You may have some juvenility issues, but don't give up on this one. I had first fruit this year, from 2006 cuttngs and it moved straight into the to 25, mybe top 10.

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Jon The fruit of Barnisotte is full inside.That is Very rare for large size figs.
I will keep it for a few years.
What worry me is that it could be only part self fertile,and in your place it get Polinated while in mine will not.
In that case it will continue to drop part of fruits year after year.
I had this problem with Melanzana,and other Cultivars.
I will give it a chance like grow it for 5 years,to see if is a full common fig (No polination required!!!!????).
Best Regards
PS:We Me and My wife evaluated the Beall and Barnisotte for Flavor and Sugar:Today:Sept 24:
The results:Both are exceptionally good fig,and received,9.75,out of 10.
We did not give 10 to them because we have other 2 varieties that were earlier,in fruitting,about the same in flavor,or better.Those got 10 out of ten. 
We sampled at least 50 cultivars to date.
Added today Sept 24 2007
Bythe way Jon:My Beall has Clear amber inside,not strawberry like the one on your site(Figs4Fun.).
Your Beall is in fact Brown Turkey as you stated it might be.
According to Ira Condit, corect Beall,is clare amber inside(Like mine)


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