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They are not deliberately pollinated, though I did find what might have been a wasp in one of them.  But I don't have any significant fig wasp population.

I'm still searching for the fig that tastes better than Panache, though I haven't been looking that long.

Wish List: niagara black, bordisotte negra, brogiotto bianco, Noire de Caromb, sweetheart fig

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~RL~ Zone 5
Wish list: Saint Martin, Pastiliere, Panache, Dark Portuguese, Alma, Nero600m, Salce, Vista, Malta Black, Gino, Galicia Negra & Conadria. 

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I love this fig!  It's a great-tasting fig AND beautiful!  I will need to update my wish list!

Meg-Hardiness Zone 10a

Looking for...

Socorro Blk
Jolly Tiger
Lamperia Preta
St. Jean
Black Ischia

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Hello All,

looking forward to seeing my panache fruit, very interesting variety thanks for all the details, I didn't realise how tasty this one is very good.

I have 3 cuttings I planted 1 in each pot, 2 standing vertically partly in soil & out in the open over soil & one planted horizontally completely submerged in soil at Cabramatta/Fairfield.

1 of the vertical ones already sprouting & shed its first layer of shelling skin on its new top shoot.

Organic Grow aka FruitTreeHugger- Passion for Fruit trees that's out of this world.
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