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These are two smyrna type from Portugal (thanks to lampo); note that Ira J. Condit indicates these as synonyms for Inchário (Euchário according to Condit), but these are different varieties both the white and black.

I kept these fruits just for the purpose of posting photos here, since there is no information or pictures here about these varieties.
The plants are too small to bear good fruits, than i can't say much about the flavor (you know that these are good varieties).

Fruits were harvested before full ripeness,and were pollinated by free Blastophagas, not artificially caprified.

C. Branca
this plant did not grow much but has fruited soon.

C. Preta

this plant fruited soon as the white sister but is struggling because of a heavy FMV infection, now is recovering, at least it seems.
The fruit was attacked by ants and is spoiled, but the color of the skin and the pulp is clearly visible.

Hope it will be helpful.
Thanks for the attention

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Hi Claudio
These are distinct varieties from Inchários. Mr Condit may have got a not so accurate information when inquiring about these fruit.
They are good and,   as with most Smyrna around here the main destination of these types was traditionally for drying .


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Hi Francisco,
you are right.
I love the light pulp of Castelhano preto, unusual for a black fig, and i'm sure that when these plants will be bigger, they will make great fruits.
These, like the Roxo da vala (another beauty with white pulp) are still in pots.
The inground Lampeira preta made some small brebas, plus lots of little figs (this year many trees made tiny fruits due to drought and excessive heat).
The inground Inchàrio branco made a single big fruit stolen by birds, this have also enormous leaves; i have to wait next year to eat good fruits from it and Lampeira.

Some information about these cultivars here:
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