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Thanks, Jon!

So yes, anybody who has a UCD Sucrette starter plant and willing to sell/trade, please PM me.

Igor (not James!). Wish list: Calderona. USDA z 10a, SoCal

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Thanks to Jon & wife for hosting a great event - A fun group with informative speakers and the opportunity to taste many UCDavis figs!
Referring to my "notes" to remember the stand-outs (LOTS of figs to keep track of, but I was sure to try EVERYTHING that was offered):

Some of my favorites:
Vernino, Sucrete, Zidi, Calimyrna, Yellow Neeches, Adriatic, White Ischia, Col De Dame, Black Mission NL, Vista, Panache, Violette De Bordeaux, 333-1
Zidi is Excellent (thanks fig wasp!) I think it was the "sweetest" fig of the day, like extra cane sugar was dumped into the center of an already delicious dark fig!
A fig-lover could easily down a few dozen little Yellow Neeches like nothing, Fruity & Refreshing!
Col De Dame - Nice thick skin to chew through and a dark berry-jammy interior
Sucrete - deep berry/strawberry-flavor
Vernino - nice thick chewy skin and a dark berry interior
Next to Calimyrna I wrote "Brown-Sugary" :)
333-1 - Sweet and light, similar to a good kadota
Black Mission NL - BIG and juicy with nice sweet mission flavor
Interesting to see/try the Capri Q - I could eat those all day/every day!
Though I didn't fall in love with every fig, but they were ALL worth trying. . .
Thanks again :)

- Dave C. & Family, Temecula (southern), CA - Zone 9b

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Yes, Capri Q was a surprise when I first ran into it at USDA/UC Davis. Tag clearly said caprifig, and it clearly did not look or taste like a caprifig. Apparently it is a persistent caprifig. And, yes, could eat them all day.

Encanto Farms Nursery
"pitangadiego" everywhere
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