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I have started a few cuttings and am using T5 HO 8 lamp fixture to grow some cuttings. any comments/advice???
Growing figs in Eastern Washington state, zone 6b.
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I use T5 bulbs to start/grow pretty much everything.

I haven't had any issues if that's what you want to know.

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T5 bulbs have worked well for me.  I'd get the most intense illumination you can afford and keep the plants as close to the bulbs as you can without physical contact, which will burn leaves.  I'd also put a reflector, like aluminum foil, around the sides.  With intense light, you have compact growth and deep green leaves.  You have the best chance for a successful transition to real sunlight.

p.s.  Cuttings started before late January may outgrow the lights by April / May.

Joe D
Z6B - Bristol, RI
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