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Hi everyone,
I am a long time browser first time poster.
I bought this fig tree 3 summers ago from a Farmers Market here on Long Island, NY.  It was growing in a 22 inch pot until this past June.  I noticed it wasn't growing as well as my other fig trees in pots did . It's growing better in the ground with new leaves and some ripened figs.
I don't remember if he ever told me the variety of fig tree at the farmer's market but I would love to know.  Here are some pics. Maria 2.JPG


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Some more pics. fig 2.JPG  Fig 1.JPG  fig 3.JPG

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Sorry one more pic.
Ronnie Maria 1.JPG 


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Hello Ronnie,
Welcome to the forum community.

IMO, the fig looks like a Southern Brown Turkey, but it could also be a Celeste. A few more pictures of the figs with a quarter for size reference would help with the ID. Good Luck.

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Ascpete, Thank you 

I forgot to add the quarter with the fig.  I should be getting a few more ripe figs in couple days. I will be adding a photo with a quarter that time. 
Again thank you 


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Hi tagben150,
Not a regular BT . It could be a "something BT" - but then keep the name complete, as it doesn't make sens to shorten it to BT.
Search for my thread on BT - BT is another fig .
From yours photos, your figs could have use some 3-4 days more on the tree ...BUT it is up to you to test, because some figs would rot, instead of ripening perfectly - mainly due to weather conditions ...
Good luck with your fig-trees !

Climate from -25°C to + 35°C
Only cold hardy figtrees can make it here
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