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Today is the last day of the AmazonSmile $5 bonus donation promotion. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate an extra $5 for each customer who makes an eligible purchase at in support of Figs 4 Fun Foundation. This is in addition to the regular donation of 0.5% of the purchase price. Up to $1,000,000 extra will be donated to eligible charities as a result of this promotion.
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It's amazing!  I wish Ebay had something like this.  I have purchased through AmazonSmile this month, but going to have to put on the thinking cap......  No family birthdays in April..don't need fig cuttings...Already got every seed on earth......  Buy my scrubs at Walmart........


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I had never heard of AmazonSmile before; but I'll investigate.

In my local church recent bulletin, there was mention of how
to link one major food store perk-card (Pathmark) to donate
a small percentage to the church supply for the needy/hungry.
I signed my PM perk card in...

George; Zone 7a, New Jersey USA.

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I just made a purchase...I needed a juicer and have been procrastinating. ;-)

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Time for some dog toys!
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Thanks for the reminder Jon, I just put in my order I've been thinking about.
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Seems to still be going on from what I can tell.

Seems like as long as you always order from and Figs4Fun Foundation is your selected charity at the top of the page 0.5% of the price of select purchases will go to the charity. I pretty much buy everything on Amazon so this is great. 

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It's still on. I just placed my order.  
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