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So one of the things were did at the South East festival was to cut open fig 2001 A14 which had one perfectly ripe fig.  Ever tried to cut a fig into 15 sections?  ; )  Yes it can be done.
Tasting notes First berry and melon, not real figgy with almost tannin finish.  Tasters feel free to chime in. 
Dennis tried to find out what it was called but no one had any records on that plot.
It may be dubbed Unk. Da Bomb (just kidding).  Although many of the tasters were interested in getting cutting in the future.  It seems to be a little slow growing and reluctant to branch but we shall see.

Here are the pictures some. Open eye 

  2001 fig on tree.jpg  2001 A14.jpg 

big leave.jpg  Fig 2001 A14 inside on plate.jpg  Fig 2001 A14 inside on plate2.jpg 

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