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Subject: Figoin Replies: 7
Posted By: arigato Views: 1,764
I Am a bit late to respond to this thread but the fig comes from Veneto, Italy and the cuttings I propogated the tree come from my relatives back yard ( also in Italy). 

The tree was in tree form more so than bush was no more than 10-15 feet high.  The fruits probably wont get any bigger as they are quite small, but like you said very productive.   I cant remeber if its a 2 cropper or not.

Subject: VDB Pic Replies: 30
Posted By: arigato Views: 3,077

I sent you an email regarding the plant.  That plant came directly from EL and was not propagated.  Would be curious to see how it does with time.

Subject: Figoin Replies: 7
Posted By: arigato Views: 1,764
Im glad its producing so well for you Bass.  I have to get a few more cuttings of it when I go back to Italy since my own plant died when I went on vacation for a week (100 degree weather for a week straight did it in with no rain in a month).

Subject: Labor Day Feast Replies: 6
Posted By: arigato Views: 645

Whats the name of the fig in that pic thats all split up?

Subject: Why are my fig leaves turning brown at the periphery? Replies: 8
Posted By: arigato Views: 10,321
Doesnt look like rust to me.  Rust usually occurs all over the leaf (little spots before progressing to big spots).  Looks like the leaves on the edges are curling which reminds me more of sunburn more than rust but doesn't look quite the same.  This past spring we had 3-4 weeks of mostly cloudy weather than 2 weeks of clear blue skies towards the solstice.  That crisped the leaves of some of my trees and even a few dog woods in my neighborhood.

Subject: My Madeira Replies: 24
Posted By: arigato Views: 1,980

  I have the lampeira from Adrianos and I have had the fruit.  Its a small dark red fig which tasted very good last october when I had it at Adriano's.  Leaf structure is not at all the same.

Subject: Careful Purchase On Ebay Replies: 14
Posted By: arigato Views: 1,407

Dont worry about apologizing i know that you are just looking out for folks.  Check your inbox, I sent you a longer email.

Subject: Careful Purchase On Ebay Replies: 14
Posted By: arigato Views: 1,407
The sources of my plants are Joe Morle, Adrianos of Canada, Figs4fun (not mifig4fun), Edible landscaping and a friend of mine.  I have one unknown from Willis orchard and its posted that way. 

In fact all the trees I have from Willis Orchard are the same and not the right variety.  I had to argue a bit with them but they sent me replacaments which again, were not the variety.  I lost alot more $$$ to Willis than Mifig4fun, thats for sure.  Pretty dissapointing. 

Subject: Careful Purchase On Ebay Replies: 14
Posted By: arigato Views: 1,407
The listing on ebay is my own. I have not put a single thing that I got from mifig4fun since I learned after the fact about what mifig4fun is about, nor do I ever intend too. What ever cuttings I got from im assuming to be a complete loss. I can name all the sources of my cuttings if anyone is interested.  Ill answer all the questions I see here in just a sec. 

Martin, where else have you posted?  I already responded to your post in Gardenweb.  I want to defend myself.  Thanks!

Subject: Any info on these variants?? Replies: 6
Posted By: arigato Views: 1,071
I can speak for Marlow.

Pear shaped, rich but sweet, that show up in August.   Its a large brown fig with pink interior. Some of this info is from Richard Watts of California on his fig list.

Subject: Breba New World. Replies: 114
Posted By: arigato Views: 23,621
A little late but:

few brebas unless noted otherwise:

Persian white 
Persian Black
Celeste (started to drop already)
Galbun (dropped the one it had)
petite negri
Italian Everbearing - many formed and are quite large
Hardy Chicago

Subject: Breba New World. Replies: 114
Posted By: arigato Views: 23,621
Ill post my varieties and which have brebas this weekend.  I dont have time at the moment.

Subject: Its Time Replies: 8
Posted By: arigato Views: 608

Which grow lights are you using?  I have several fig trees which I have had under grow lights grown from cuttings and placed them outside in full sun and had no problems what so ever once they obtained a beautiful green color and roots of course.  The 6500K grow lights I have produce UV and the plants protect themselves naturally from it if they are exposed to it.  I believe it depends on the lights you use.

Subject: Paradiso Replies: 8
Posted By: arigato Views: 1,890
I think it may be too quick to say that the other sites paradiso is "false" when perhaps in that part of italy its been called that for years.  It still a paradiso, just not the one from ponoma italiana ( giorgio didnt ID all 500+ fig cultivars known in Italy since Midevil times).  If you go by his description,  joe morle has a "false" paradiso as well.  If  I could, Id call the others dark #1 or white #2 etc to avoid confusion and just refer to the original as simply a paradiso.

Subject: Italian figs and fruit site Replies: 10
Posted By: arigato Views: 1,298
I think the splitting may be a characteristic of the fig itself.  Shirazi figs also have the same habit of splitting wide open in dry regions.


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