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Subject: $7 fig trees for spring/summer delivery, around 150+ varieties Replies: 1,421
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 53,174
I also paid for an order on Nov 2016. I have PM him on this and another forum several times. He has not responded to any of the them. I guess I will ask for a refund.

Try Harvey. I did. Got my order in a week.

Subject: Mr.Watts contact information Replies: 4
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 133
Dennis Thanks so much.


Subject: Mr.Watts contact information Replies: 4
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 133
Does anyone have contact information for Mr. Watts. Trying to obtain some cuttings

Thanks in advance.


Subject: Northeast fig meeting Replies: 87
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 4,849
Count me in as well

Subject: May help with bird problem Replies: 12
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 902
Just saw this in my email, while having coffee. My only problem is, I would need about 80 of them.,default,pd.html?start=5&cgid=NewProducts_Dept

Subject: Open to exchange cuttings? Replies: 29
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,145
Why don't you introduce yourself first?. Instead of coming to the forum asking for things.

Subject: Wanted: Maltese Falcon and Beauty Replies: 42
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 2,015
Check your P.M

Subject: Merry Christmas Everyone, plus Green Cutting Success Replies: 8
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 711
Donna Great Job. Keep up the good work. That's not nice to hide the names from Barry.

Subject: Let's give BLB (Barry) a big dose of holiday cheer Replies: 46
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,185
Barry is one of the best. Coming to see soon Barry.

Subject: To Dieseler Replies: 1
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 598
Send me a P.M . Yours is turned off.

Subject: The Fig Galaxy Replies: 10
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 793
Found these. 

Comments on Amazon site were less than desirable.

Subject: killed my last Paradiso Dusan cutting... Replies: 4
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 476

Is that the Bronze Paradiso? If so P.M me

Subject: Happy Fathers Day Replies: 10
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 641
Hope that everyone has a Great Day.

Subject: Listing On Ebay Replies: 21
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,804
I haven't seen this before. Kind of interesting

Subject: off topic 2013 Philly Flower Show Replies: 25
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,194
You did a Great job Barry. Glad that you decided to compete. Also, thanks again, you know why.

Subject: Anatomy of a Sucker (Atreano) Replies: 9
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 713

That means, you'll be growing more than one Great tasting fig.

Subject: MINI 4-Teir Geenhouse $18 Replies: 9
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 789

Right now at lowes, they have gone up since I purchased mine. I think in my area it's over forty ($45-$49) dollars.


If you are using it inside. Move near a window with diffused light. That way you don't have to use grow lights. That fan should work out. Keep air circulating. Heater not sure about. It stays warm in there if both zippers are closed. Unless the area where it will be placed is cold. Then the fan will make the temp drop.

Also if your pots have little legs or segmented on bottom, you may have to use a cut up box strips or plywood to keep them leveled. I have also used it when rooting is cups. Just don't keep it near the window. The light will harm the roots 

I have started veggie seeds in there also

Subject: red worms Replies: 15
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 914
Here is some good reading. Even though you may not want to worm farm. Look at the advantages of using worm castings.

Subject: MINI 4-Teir Geenhouse $18 Replies: 9
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 789
You got a deal. I bought one a few years back from Lowes and payed double for it. It works well. I keep mine in the basement. I use it once I have taken cuttings out of the cups and into pots. You might want to add a no pest strip. I notice a few gnats and white flies in there. Because I keep it closed a lot.

Subject: red worms Replies: 15
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 914
I always use worm casting as part of  my fertilizer mixture. This is done in early spring.

Subject: Cuttings Available --- Ended! Replies: 17
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,372
Frank sent you a P.M

Subject: BEWARE...Wrong Fertilizer Formulas Replies: 28
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 2,293
Have you tried the method that Joe Morle suggest? I have been using it for the last two (2) seasons with success. It's at the bottom of the page.

Subject: More fig lovers on board... Replies: 53
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,562
Congrats again

Subject: Bread Yeast started with Figs Replies: 3
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 488

Subject: Good Fig Cookbooks or Recipe Books? Replies: 24
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,301

Subject: Cuttings from Greece Replies: 42
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 3,291
I am very interested in a few.


Subject: Mario's Fig Cuttings Replies: 17
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,479
I sent you a P.M

Subject: Free cuttings contest Replies: 147
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 8,470

Subject: Unknown cutting supplier Replies: 3
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 611
She's a Great person to deal with. I have several of her items.

Subject: Bisirri Visit Replies: 18
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,703

Sorry, I am late to chime in. 

Yes it was a great day indeed. First to see again (it's always a pleasure).

It was Great to meet Luke, it's always good to meet the person behind the name. Really a nice person.

Mr. Bisirri is a funny person. Very gracious for the green cutting of his white fig.

Barry, Luke and I can agree to Mr. Bisirri stating that customers pull the name tags out of the fig pots. We, three saw the very large trees growing in ground at the nursery. I believe the three of us have a least one of the two (2) figs growing there. But I still say, I have two different figs other than displayed at the nursery.

I have commented in a previous post about the name tag problem. I also stated that Mr. Bisirri's son (Joe) told me that friends and family drop fig off at the nursery. Bisirri's has several large greenhouse. The friends and family come there to store figs over the winter. I am not sure who places the tags in the pots. I am not blaming the Bisirri family. I blame the customers. Who remove the tags, and never replace them correctly back where it belongs.

Hopefully, I can have Barry and Luke stop by my place to see if I am wrong.

So, for now the issue is still up in the air. Hopefully, it will be cleared up by next season.

Subject: Bisirri Dark true Replies: 9
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,096
Barry, Is the inside of the fig red? I am almost certain I have this also. I will have to check the leaves today

Subject: Bsirri White (not) a white for Martin Replies: 12
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 850
I have this fig. I had a breba a few weeks ago. This is the fig , that I called Bisirri #1 ( the first fig that I purchased). It is a very fine fig at that. 


Bisirri's is not far from my job. And yes, they are closed. I went there last week. I also spoke to Mr. Bisirri and asked if I could come by to see his white fig when ripe.

If in fact the leaves between the dark and white are similar, there are more than three (3) figs in the nursery.

I had mention on a previous post that Joe ( Bisirri's son) had stated that several people would leave their fig trees at their place. Hence =, I have three different figs (all dark skin)

Subject: tissue culture (micropropagation) Replies: 28
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,322
I would take several, at a good price.

Count me in.

Subject: For DesertDance and Saramc Replies: 4
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 825
This is bread made with my Mission Fig Starter. This bread has dried fruit in it (cherries,blueberries,cranberries).

Attached Images
jpeg 2.jpg (56.79 KB, 56 views)

Subject: Compost Tea? Replies: 15
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,325
Perhaps this can help you.

Subject: Almost Eden Figs Replies: 36
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 2,934

P.M. me

Subject: Almost Eden Figs Replies: 36
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 2,934
I hope that they are correct.

 I introduced the Bisirri figs to Bass and a few other members of the forum a few years ago. Mr. Bisirri's is very close to my work place. I first met his son (Joe) and we talk almost an hour. I first purchased the purple fig. Then a few weeks later purchase the white ( so it said on the tag). Later that season, I found out that both are purple. So I returned to Bisirri's to let them know about the problem. Both figs being purple. I spoke to Joe again.

Here is the problem that I have found.

1. Joe told me that customers and their children mix the tags up when putting tags back in pots. Or it could be the person's that work there re-placing the wrong tags in the pots.

2. Also said that family member and friends have (the one 's that are from Italy) visited and have placed their fig cuttings in the nursery. So they maybe from the same region but not from the 4 fig trees grown at the nursery.

3. I purchase another tree last season that was marked white. Well, that one is purple also.

But, what I have noticed is that the three (3) are different. Or at least the seem that way to me.  I will have to ask Barry and Dan to stop by to check this out. Just to make sure that I am not crazy.

So this season I stopped by and finally spoke to Mr. Bisirri himself. I told him the story. He felt sorry for the mix up. He offered to have me stop by when the white figs are ripe and share them with me.

That is why I numbered them until I get the correct figs from that nursery. I am sorry if I have confused any or all of you.

The Bisirri family come from Ascoli Penco Marche region of Italy. Mr. Bisirri came to the U.S.A when he was 5 yrs old ( he is in his 90's I think).

I am sure that the Bisirri family is trying to do everything possible to sell the correct figs from his place of birth.

Subject: Almost Eden Figs Replies: 36
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 2,934
I just called them. It is spelled Bisirri. That is what the person said,who answered the phone.

Subject: Almost Eden Figs Replies: 36
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 2,934
The correct spelling is "Bisirri" pansy nursery  215-333-6755.
I sent Almost Eden some of those cuttings. I recently talked to John (AE) about the spelling of those cuttings

Subject: Collector's Mentality Replies: 38
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,730
I also enjoy baking and making my  own sourdough starter. I have learned so much from the following books on bread/sourdough.

Classic Sourdoughs A Home Bakers Handbook-by Ed Wood


Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day: 50 Fast and Easy Recipes for World-Class Breads


My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method-by: Lahey, Jim


Tartine Bread by: Robertson, Chad


Bread:A Baker's Book Of Techniques And Recipes by: Hamelman, Jeffrey


Crust: Bread to Get Your Teeth Into (With DVD) by: Bertinet, Richard


Best place to buy :


 I have made a starter out of over ripe mission figs

Subject: Figenza, fig flavored vodka Replies: 28
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,676

I think that you could really do that.

I recently made a sourdough starter out of under ripe Mission Figs. Using water, bread flour, Spelt.

I have made some really Great loaves of bread  

Subject: Figenza, fig flavored vodka Replies: 28
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,676
I'll Drink to that.

Subject: Northeast fig growers gathering Replies: 48
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 2,610


Thanks for such a wonderful time.

To my fellow fig members thank you. It was a Great event. Extemely wonderful to match up the faces to the names.

Was really good to see Debbie again.

Gorgi is too funny. Glad to have met you.

Dan, your a real class act. We will hook-up soon.

Barry, nice to meet you and to know that you are close by. Have to stop buy after work.

To the rest of the folks it was awesome to meet and talk to you

I wish more people could have made it. But I am sure that next time, it will be twice as many.


Subject: He's back at it again Replies: 105
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 9,224

To all the new members of this forum. Stay away from this person. He has resentlly posted new items on EBAY. DO NOT purchase anything from them.

I recommend that you contact members of this forum. For any of your fig cuttings, that you desire.


Subject: He's back at it again Replies: 105
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 9,224

Subject: My New Years Resolution Replies: 9
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 711

Great talking to you last night. I hope that your enjoy retirement, more than your wife will.


Subject: Fig Bonsai Replies: 29
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 7,603


It is Great that you want to Bonsai your fig. There are a few things that I would recommend:

1. Go to your local library and obtain a book on Tropical Bonsai (read it 
    several times). You may later want to purchase a book. But read it several
    times. The more you read it the clearer it becomes. Trust me.

2. Obtain a cheap set of Bonsai tools ( the cutters for branches are      
    different than normal cutters), when they cut a branch it makes a 
    beveled cut. The set should include wire cutters and shears.

3. Obtain some sealant (bonsai paste), from a garden center that sells 
    Bonsai's and equipment. You can get your cheap tool set there also.

4. The wire that is used to train the trunks, branches is annealed copper
    coated wire. Or you can obtain wire (annealed) from a junk yard. You will need it in
    several diameters thickness.

You will wire the trunk and branches mostly during the late fall/ winter season.
Spring and summer is difficult, the figs grow to fast . You would be wiring almost every week.

The Japanese learned Bonsai from the Chinese. In Bonsai you most learn that things are mostly on right angles.

I found that the older the bonsai, the harder it was to wire it. Because the older it got the more branches, the more secondary brances and so on. 


A good Bonsai takes years. The tropical (fig) will grow faster that temperate material  (pine, Juniper, maple etc).You must have a plan. Draw it out on paper. Most of all study nature. I found out that shears and wiring are your best freind. The key is leaf pruning more than branch pruning 

Subject: Commerical Fig Orchard, Crisfield MD Replies: 8
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 1,044

This is very interesting. I go to or thru Crisfield at least twice a year. But, I have only known Crisfield as a Great fishing and crabbing area. Never thought about them being known for fig trees. I will have to ask some of the fishing boat captains about this. That maybe next year. The fishing has stopped now for the most part.

Subject: He's back at it again Replies: 105
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 9,224
He's Back Again Folks:

And there are additional listings of others.

Buyer Beware 

Subject: Info about "Papa John" ? Replies: 14
Posted By: jazzbass Views: 2,240
I have this fig. It looks just Bass's photo (He got it from me). I obtained this fig from Petals of the Past. It was a large gallon pot from them. I got about 8 figs the first season. This will be it's second season. I like the taste. Not the best nor the worst but descent . Only time will tell, hopefully better. It seems to be a quick grower. One of the first to produce figs for me last year zone 6 A/B . I think that you will enjoy it.


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