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Subject: Eve's Black Cherry fig photos Replies: 16
Posted By: parkwood1 Views: 2,041
I also got a cutting that rooted this year, no fruit yet. Got it from a scion exchange here in San Francisco in Jan 2009. I assume you contributed cuttings to the exchange, thanks. Did someone previously think this variety was stella? By the way, it has a cute name...thought it belonged on the cherry table (at the scion exchange)

Subject: Choice of top 12 figs Replies: 45
Posted By: parkwood1 Views: 34,571
This is a response to posturedoc's post, I sent you an email but you did not reply so I'm posting to see if that works better.
I work in Hayward, CA and visited Garin park last week during my lunch hour, there was not much time to explore it. However, I came across a mass of fig trees growing  by a creek. Wish I could post pictures.
Just beyond the parking lot, there is a small foot bridge across the creek. On the other side, there was a mass of figs on either side of the footbridge. I can't say there were 3 separate trees. Either tons of suckers or tons of seedlings, all grown together into a mass of vegetation. No figs at this time of the year.
Were these the great tasting figs? No way to tell which is the good one...


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