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Subject: Best figs at your location Replies: 308
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 76,644
Far northeast, New Brunswick, Canada.

This will be my second year for eating figs.  The prolific and tasty ones so far are: from last year:
Tony's Greek (from Paully22).
Yugoslavian black (from Dusan)
Vicenzo (Paully22)

still to taste this season:

Black Jack (Adriano):
North Carolina fig (Ottawan).

The black Jack is outside in ground, the others are in a plastic greenhouse in ground.  Zone usually 4b/5a, but this winter it behaved like a zone 6, and summer is the same so far.

Subject: Air-Layering Replies: 70
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 7,717

Girdling is totally not necessary.  I just 'scar' an inch-long section of the lower part of the branch with a sharp knife and then add the rooting medium and wrap in plastic.  I water rarely by using a 50 milliliter syringe, to make up for losses.  I started some air layers on June 6th and they are all filled with roots.  After I take off the fruit (which did not drop) in another few weeks, I will cut off that branch at the air layer and pot it.

Subject: Brrrr its Freezing Replies: 16
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 982

I live in zone 4b, though I can hope that it gets to 5a at times.  So far this winter, while everyone else has been freezing, and the seaports in northern China are frozen, and Europe is howling cold, my zone has been in the 6a area.  My heating bills love it.  I suspect it will not last however.

Subject: My Negronne stinks... Replies: 8
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 906

My wife complained all summer about the smell of cat pee from the plants on the sun porch and I thought she was being paranoid!  I shall apologize!

Subject: Cuttings to share in Burnaby BC before we move Replies: 9
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 1,111

Roaming.... I also grow high bush blueberries.  At least I don't have to winter protect them or bring them in over winter.

Subject: Cuttings to share in Burnaby BC before we move Replies: 9
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 1,111
Roaming... I contacted Paul to see if he would not mind getting an extra sucker from you for me.  Paul will be sending me plants in the early spring, and I would appreciate having one of yours in that shipment too.

I have a smaller collection than Paul, but I will put together my spares list shortly and see that you get it and can decide what I have that you might like.

Subject: Spahgnum Moss Replies: 25
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 2,176
Folks,  Geroysoutlet on e-bay has 7+ quart bags (432 cu inch) of sphagnum moss for sale for about $6 US.  His sale closes on Friday.

I just bought two bags to ship to me in Canada.  Still the cheapest way to get it for me, short of waiting for spring, and then heading out to the peat bogs at some expense and discomfort (black flies, mosquitoes, and a possible soaking).

Subject: How to Force Dormancy? Replies: 19
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 1,288
Nelson,  You may have killed your plant but do not know it yet.  I hope not.   It can take two weeks in my cold room for my plants to close down and lose their leaves.  My cold room is dark and does not even get to freezing, but it's cold enough to send plants dormant.  Be patient, and don't move too fast with the cold temperatures.
I will be sending my Yugo black dormant in a few more weeks.  We should compare notes next time we try to wake them up.

Subject: Brebas Already ? Replies: 7
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 708

Nelson,  I got the black and the yellow figs from Dusan, as well as the Palestine dark fig.  This is my year for figs, as my plants are now established and quite big.  I also must thank Paully22 and Ottawan for their generosity too in sharing plants and cuttings.  I hope the summer is improved over last.

Subject: Brebas Already ? Replies: 7
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 708

Nelson,  I got my Yugo black from Dusan last February as a 6 inch plant.  It grew two branches and four feet in its first year and put out 8 brebas which I am now eating slowly, and also put out a single main crop fig last month.  I'll remove it, and put the plant into dormancy at the end of this month, but I am going to get whatever brebas I can now.

Subject: Brebas Already ? Replies: 7
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 708
Nelson,  It's normal.  My fig bushes/trees in the house - about 20 largish ones, are mostly showing signs of brebas.  I also ate a fig on New Years day from my Yugoslavian black fig from Radovan.  Five others are ripening.  Considering that I live in zone 4b/5a (I'm being optimistic with the 5a), I think that is a notable event of some kind.
Eat your hearts out fellow fig lovers, as I often envy you for most of the year.

Subject: In from the cold!! Replies: 7
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 544
Buster,  Calgary AB sounds even more extreme than where I live in New Brunswick.  Marjo has it better.

I also brought most of my larger fig trees (about 15 of them, between 4 and 6 feet tall with one or many main stems) into the house when I was worried that the garage would get too cold, but then the weather warmed up, and it never did get below minus 3C out there (about 26F) even this late.  It seems that when the Central US and Europe have a very hard winter, we, in the far North East get it mild.
My trees are in a very large windowed room and get full sun, when it shines.  they are now just breaking out in breba figs, so I am excited about this.  I have overwintered a few figs like this in the house before and had good success with breba figs.  I have other trees buried in a mulch pile and in the garden, and many others - smaller ones - in a cold room.  I am also eating some ripening figs in the same window.  They are slow. and a little smaller than they should be at about 50 grams (should be over 100 grams) and do not develop the color they should have, but when ripe, they are delicious.

Subject: Storing Cuttings in Fridge Replies: 20
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 1,065
Lisa,  One week in the crisper is adequate.  I have done this several times now.  They all seem to take off reasonably well when I start them in potting mix on a warming tray.

Subject: This Morning Picture Replies: 16
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 826
Sue,  What a turnabout!  You have cold weather and figs dropping leaves already.  It is not unusual where I live in the north-east (New Brunswick), but you??  I still have healthy fig trees with all of their leaves, though time is running out for them as we had one mild frost on the roof and lawn two weeks ago, but my fig trees were sheltered so did not get hit so hard.  The ones with figs left to ripen, I brought into either the sunroom or my house and I got some tasty figs that I otherwise would have lost.  I still have far too many that may not make it.

As for a cold winter.  You can bet on it.  I don't know who follows the sunspots here, other than me, but we have been in low sunspot territory for a few years.  The last time it was this low was in the Maunder Minimum - the little ice age!!  We also lost that other bringer of warm weather the El Nino, as it was very short lived this fall.  The last two winters here were colder than usual - which says something - and with twice as much snow as normal.  I had to shovel off the roof which had three feet of snow and was feeling it.  One good thing about the snow is its insulating qualities.  I will bury a lot of fig trees this year, and I need that snow cover.

Happy figging all.


Subject: What to do with this fig tree... Replies: 10
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 741
Michal,  Good looking tree.  If you follow Pitangadiego's advice about doing some pruning now in preparation for repotting/separation, I would love some of the dormant (vegetable crisper) cuttings, whether the trees are known varieties or not.

John (nb figger)

Subject: Happy 4th July to American Figgies Replies: 4
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 611
Happy fourth of july to all Americans and wannabee americans - I'm one.  Thanks from me, in Canada and thanks from me, as a child, when I watched all the waves of planes leaving England to cross the channel in WWII.

Subject: The only shoot on Early Violet rooted cutting snapped off 95% Replies: 12
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 980
Ottawan,  I live-trap raccoons to keep them off my strawberries and other fruits, and then drop them in my deep fish pond for five minutes.  Trap and all.  Problem solved.
John S, Fredericton.

Subject: Heads Up (NJ and North East) Replies: 10
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 1,096
All,  I should mention that the linkage I provided is to a 'stripped down' version of my article.  The longer version is considerably more detailed.  I would be glad to send it to anyone.  Gorgi has the newer version too.


Subject: Heads Up (NJ and North East) Replies: 10
Posted By: Cuddywhiffer Views: 1,096

Gorgi,  You requested separately to me that I should upload my adobe file on the Global warming scam to show people the execrable state of the science behind it all. 

Great Idea,  If this works then my file should be accessible to all.  Unfortunately the much updated and revised one that I have currently is about 1.85 Mbytes (too big for this forum), which I can send to anyone who wants it, but for this forum I shall need to direct you to a location where this file - with all of its very animose critical responses to me - is located.




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