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Subject: Wildlife attraction to Fig color Replies: 12
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 924
Which color of figs is best to deter wildlife if any
and do they like 1 variety more than others. Or
is the only protection netting, other barriers ,liquid
deterents etc.Oh yes, I dont have a cat, dog or mongoose.

Subject: New cups Replies: 14
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 1,291
The cups and lids I use are clear qt. size. My daughter gave me several
sleeves a few years back and I dont know where she got them.The
name of the Manufacturer is Fabri-Kal Corp.I think they have a website
I am also experimenting with several cuttings with small roots or well defined initials in 3" peat pots and plan to repot entire pot to large pot when roots break thru.Idont know how it will work,but I will try anything that will spare
broken roots and possible loss of a plant.The only problem so far is peat pots
dry out easily and you have to watch closely to keep them slighly damp
and not to dry.Good luck with your experiment and by the way the
bottom of my clear cups when cut out is 3" diameter and should pose
no problem when repotting and concern for growth when removing clear
container.Keep us posted on your project.

Subject: New cups Replies: 14
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 1,291
I read with interest your experiment with cups.I have just
started using an almost identical method with the exception
of using a snap on lid instead of aluminum foil over the large
end which can be removed when repotting. I think your idea is
great and should avoid root damage.Thanks for your idea! and
other comments on the forum.

    Tom  In Danville VA

Subject: Mold Replies: 3
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 592
I use the wrungout water from Spag moss and
put it in sprayer to mist cuttings as needed
and also use it on potted plants when they need
Maybe I'm just lucky but I have no problem with
mold or rot so far.Before I started doing this I did
have some mold problem.I use Dans improved baggie method with a little moss added to bag.
                                                                                                              Tom Southside VA

Subject: Brooklyn White Replies: 16
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 4,813
What is the difference Brooklyn White and Brooklyn White BS?
I got my cuttings from a member of this forum who I believe
got his cuttings from you if my memory is correct.Sorry about
the mice.

Subject: Brooklyn White Replies: 16
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 4,813
Just rooted 2 Brooklyn White and would like to
know more about this variety such as:synonyms,
color of fruit,hardiness(I'm in zone 7),growth habit
and any other information.Thanks!
  Tom -Southside VA

Subject: Bleaching Fig Twigs Replies: 8
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 1,276
I am not expert in this field but if it were me I
would use the diluted clorox as is the practice
in many restaurant kitchens.I was told by
a health inspector  once that a dilution , about the same
strength as 1 to 9 was just as potent. Again,
I am no expert but it want hurt to experiment.
Keep us posted.
I am having good luck with slightly damp SM for
rooting.I understand you like it also.

Subject: Strawberry Verte Hardiness Replies: 4
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 739
Little John,
Thanks for info. I have been rooting BT in newspaper and Spag. moss
in ziploc at 70 degrees(no bottom heat) and have excellent results using Dans method with added small amt. of moss in  moist rolled newspaper and large clump of moist moss at node.No mold or rot. The Verte are rootig
like crazy in above environment Good luck!

Subject: Strawberry Verte Hardiness Replies: 4
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 739
I have a number of Strawberry Verte that have rooted.Does
anyone have information on hardiness of this variety and
does it get large if not pruned to form bush .Any other info appreciated  as
I cant find much info anywhere,Thanks!

Subject: Rooting Via Baggie Method With Sphagnum Moss Replies: 45
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 5,085
 I use spagnum moss to root cuttings and have had
 great luck with it.Be sure you handle with gloves, especially
 if you have cuts, abrasions on hands as moss can harbour
 chronic fungal disease called Sporotrichosis.
 Danville, VA

Subject: Sad event Replies: 21
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 1,233
George,Praying for you and family.My teenage grandaughter
going to Costa Rica on college trip this spring.Will caution
her about such things and share your experience.Just be thankful
she was not injured.

Subject: Edible Landscaping Catalog Replies: 8
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 1,253
I have 2 Petite Negri I bought on ebay last spring(cant recall ebay member)
They were about 18-20 " tall I and have them in pots.Got about 6 or 8 fruits this fall and hope to have more next year.I dont know much more about them other than descriptions on various forums but I will say they have very good fruit and I plan on putting them in the ground this sping.I think Parks Seed has them for sale but they were sold out when I tried to get them
prior to my ebay order,you might want to check with them.I may have a few
cuttings in fall if all goes well

Subject: Italian Everbearing Replies: 3
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 815
Re Italian Everbearing.Previous e-mail in error. Correct is

Subject: Italian Everbearing Replies: 3
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 815
Does anyone have cuttings or cuttings that are starting to root for postage/handling or for sale.I live in Danville VA zone 7 and I am newcomer to figs with limited space.I need only several to get started and have been reading a lot about propagation and care of plants.I have been able to root 1 LSU Gold and 1 Hardy Chicago and would like to add 1 Italian everbearing to my starting collection and plant them outside next spring if all goes well.

Subject: Cuttings Replies: 2
Posted By: tandrew31 Views: 796
Does anyone have a few Celeste cuttings who is willing to share for postage and handling.My first attempt at rooting failed,but after researching this forum Iwanted to try again using methods that have been presented on the
forum.Ithink I want to try the horizontal method I read about.Thanks.My email


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