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Subject: large containers? Replies: 7
Posted By: russo Views: 927
Try Craigslist. Search for "barrel". Usually you can get plastic food-grade 55 gallon barrel for $20-25 - that's two really nice planters. And you may even paint them from outside.

Subject: Question? Is Vasilika Sika the Same as Dalmatie? Replies: 14
Posted By: russo Views: 2,639
Here is the link to Ukrainian website. There are few pics of fig called Dalmatica (rus. Далматика). Also there are some of White Adriatic and Crimean Black figs on same plate.

According to Russian fig lovers Stella is the cold hardy variety of Dalmatica.
Also some more names of well known varieties:

White Adriatic = Wild Strawberry, Sochi #8
Brunswick = Chapla, Buzoy Burunu, Caucasian Pink, Shavi from Sukhumi, Madonna, Magnolia, Clementine
Dalmatica = Armud Inzhir, White Turkey, Kusarchayskiy, Kirovskiy, Lagodekhskiy #1, etc.

Violette de Bordeaux = Moisson, Crimean Black

Subject: Merry Christmas to all Replies: 36
Posted By: russo Views: 1,499
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men!

Merry Christmas!

Subject: Forum Is Slow Replies: 9
Posted By: russo Views: 875
6:05 pm Pacific Time everything looks normal.
Best regards.

Subject: Growing Tips updated Replies: 4
Posted By: russo Views: 854
Thanks for the advice Jon.

Subject: Growing Tips updated Replies: 4
Posted By: russo Views: 854
Jon, thank you for great info. I plan on doing some grafting experiments next spring.
God bless you and your family!

Subject: A Big Fig Leaf Replies: 5
Posted By: russo Views: 947
   Hi everyone. Here is the leaf and some figs from my Bournabat tree (UCD '08 order). Very vigorous young tree. Fig taste was OK for the first crop.

(I used free program called Picasa to put watermarks on these pictures)

Attached Images
jpeg bournabat_leaf_091510.jpg (62.45 KB, 34 views)
jpeg bournabat_leaf2_091510.jpg (58.29 KB, 37 views)
jpeg bournabat_3_091510.jpg (65.60 KB, 34 views)
jpeg bournabat_091510.jpg (45.47 KB, 37 views)
jpeg bournabat_2_091510.jpg (93.72 KB, 40 views)

Subject: Looking for cuttings to start in my New green house I got for Christmas Replies: 15
Posted By: russo Views: 1,032
I've used two lights and timer like this one last winter for my cuttings.
Lights from WalMart and timer from Home Depot. I don't remember exactly how much I spent. Something around $35 all together. Served me well all winter. Used them approximately 15 hours a day with 30 min. breaks to prevent overheating. Bulbs are T8, 32w type. 



Subject: Rooting Via Baggie Method With Sphagnum Moss Replies: 45
Posted By: russo Views: 5,085
its better to use just one a/v program to avoid interruptions and conflicts between two a/v programs.

From what I know, the best free anti-virus programs are : AVG, Avira and Avast.

I use Avast and it's working fine for me. I don't browse a lot though.

Subject: Merry ChristMass to all, Replies: 13
Posted By: russo Views: 762
Merry Christmas!
God bless you, fig lovers!

Subject: Worm bin and compost tea Replies: 0
Posted By: russo Views: 474
Hello fig lovers!
I found these videos on YouTube. And I'm thinking about making one of those bins. I'd like to see how my figs will like worm casting/compost tea.

Did anyone tried to use compost tea on regular basis? Thanks

worm bin
  ( simple DIY introduction )

worm bin  ( extreme/funny DIY introduction )

worm bin  ( commercial introduction )

compost tea

Subject: Blue Jack figs on youtube Replies: 10
Posted By: russo Views: 768
Hello everyone! Well spotted, Tim!
Watch this video on full screen an in HQ mode.
Pause on 0:39 you'll see how they masked the stems too high and the color is unbelievably uniform.
On 1:04 and you'll see two yellow figs on the background, on 1:20 more yellowish figs  and the eye is painted over.

Just wandering what they're thinking making and posting these videos?..

Subject: Ebay ID Replies: 6
Posted By: russo Views: 774
Martin, thank you for supporting my idea!
Actually I meant to say that Figs4Fun nickname should be mentioned in eBay seller's profile or item description page, especially if he/she is selling rare figs.
This way the buyer will know more about the person who's selling that tree. And also might discover Figs4Fun community for himself and become a member in the future.

Subject: Earthquake hits my home region in Italy Replies: 14
Posted By: russo Views: 1,356
Thanks God your niece is alive!
I called my good friend and brother in Christ, and I was happy to hear that his daughter, who is a college student in the region close by to L'Aquila, is fine.
Hope Elena will get well soon! It's great that you have a big family, she  needs your support and love.

Subject: German Giant Fig Replies: 20
Posted By: russo Views: 3,808
Nice ficumber!!!

Subject: Please, help ID fig. Replies: 5
Posted By: russo Views: 803
Here is one more website I found :
These fig growers have Paradiso and Genova varieties.
And leaves and figs look kinda similar to my seller's fig tree.

Does anyone has these varieties?

Subject: Please, help ID fig. Replies: 5
Posted By: russo Views: 803
Thank you for your comments everyone!
I guess, I need to wait till it will produce some fruits for me. And then try to identify the variety again.
Any input is much appreciated.

Subject: Please, help ID fig. Replies: 5
Posted By: russo Views: 803
Hello fig lovers! I'm new guy at Figs&Fun.
Great forum you have here! Very informative and fun!

Please help me ID a fig variety.
I bought these fig tree cuttings on eBay from a man who lives in PA. He told me that he got his tree cutting from an old Italian man 10 years ago, and that man called it Italian Honey.
Well, obviously, it's not Italian Honey.

Is it possible that Brunswick can be so yellow, I thought it has a dark fruit? The leaf form looks like Brunswick.

There is a video on about an old fig tree

and right on 0:22 second of the video you may see the yellow fruit and leaf form. Looks very similar to the pictures I've got from my seller (hope they will upload successfully).

Thank you and have a great weekend everyone!
God Bless!

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