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Subject: Mary Lane in the hoop Replies: 4
Posted By: citrusnut Views: 771

Wow Elizabeth, sounds like a really nice fig.  I have heard it was a good fig for cooler climates, but it is not talked about much.  Congrats on a delicious fig.  None of my figs matured this year due to the cool summer.  Maybe next year I'll taste my first fig.

Subject: Root Pruning Pictures From Today Replies: 12
Posted By: citrusnut Views: 1,847
Martin, your trees have some super healthy roots, and your pictures are terrific.  Very informative.

Xgrndpounder, is that a mole?  I've never seen one one those creatures before.

Subject: Hi, let me introduce myself Replies: 8
Posted By: citrusnut Views: 906

Thank you all for the warm welcome.  I've been busy reading some of the old posts to get educated and caught up on things.

Subject: Hi, let me introduce myself Replies: 8
Posted By: citrusnut Views: 906

Hi everybody,

I'm new to growing figs, but not to growing plants ( house is mostly filled with orchids but many other things,too, like citrus).  So far, I have only one fig, Atreano, that I purchased last Spring.  Last Fall it gave me 1 fig that was not fully sweetened.  That was the first fig that I ever ate (besides fig newtons) and was quite pretty -lime green on the outside and strawberry pink on the inside.  This Spring I plan on ordering V de B from Edible Landscape.  That way I can have one light and one dark fig.

My growing conditions aren't the best.  No attached garage.  I do have a basement (cellar actually) but it stays pretty warm.  Last Fall I let my fig go dormant outside and brought it down the basement where it stayed till it broke dormancy a couple of weeks ago (or so).  It is now upstairs and leafing out in the sunshine.  It received dolamic lime and is on wait list for re potting.

south central Wisconsin
zone 5 (very close to zone 4)


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