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Subject: "each man under his own vine and fig tree" Replies: 36
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Originally Posted by bullet08
what's good seedless table grape for NC? it's hot and humid here. i want something sweet, but not too sweet that it will make me thirsty. something refreshing. 

Pete, this link describes the U of A new table grapes:

After reading it, I hope you will consider Ison's Nursery website and their top rated muscadine vines.  e.g. "Ison" is self fertile and has edible skin.  High sugar, delicious flavor.  Don't make me thirsty.  Muscadines are native to NC, grow like crazy, disease resistant and I think taste much better than table grapes.  I know you said seedless but they are worth it.

By the way, the article mentions Ouachita blackberries.  In one year after planting, they produced many gallons of the sweetest blackberries I've ever had.  Great fresh.

Subject: Figs (Sandy soil and nematodes) Replies: 10
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Yes, that's a good test.  Thanks for the info.

Subject: Figs (Sandy soil and nematodes) Replies: 10
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Originally Posted by WillsC

I'm in central Florida and put all my plants in ground, i'm in pure white sugar sand loaded with nematodes

WillsC, no disrespect intended, but how do you know your sandy soil is loaded with nematodes?  Not all sandy soil is.  Did you test it?

Subject: Ocracoke Island Replies: 5
Posted By: terowan Views: 564
Her fig preserves are the best I've ever had.  They were made with "Lemon" figs.  Nice lady.

Subject: Tallahassee Fig Orchard 2013 Update Replies: 50
Posted By: terowan Views: 2,169
Really enjoyed your video.  Thanks.

Subject: Splitting,and splitting resistant cultivars, with pixes Replies: 11
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,274
Last season I tried covering my in ground 2 year old Ronde De Bordeaux with a large tarp including the entire tree and soil beyond the dripline, before a small .3" rain.  They still split.  Anyone else try this?

Subject: Saint Anthony Figs Replies: 18
Posted By: terowan Views: 2,527
EL now describes this as White Marseilles.  Condit's description of Blanche, aka White Marseilles and other names, seems to accurately describe the fruit, growth habit and leaf shape in his photo.  By the way, Herman, Condit said for this fig, "Caprification has little effect upon size and color, either of skin or pulp."  I have no opinion either way about that.
I still like this fig because of it's good sweet flavor and earliness.  Not as rich as Negronne but I never regret having it.

Subject: Negronne Vs Hardy Chicago Replies: 13
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For sweetness and rich flavor, Negronne is far superior to me and the wife on our outdoor trees.  As far as resistance to rain, so far after 4 years they do about the same (not great) in eastern NC.

Subject: Row of old fig trees in Georgia Replies: 27
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Well done pictures.  Thanks for sharing.  I have wondered why we don't see more pictures of mature fig trees pruned for practical harvesting height.

Subject: Read the leaves Replies: 3
Posted By: terowan Views: 453
Thank you Jack.

mgginva check your messages.

Subject: pop up bird/insect net Replies: 6
Posted By: terowan Views: 684
Scroll down to the picture in post #2

Subject: Figs first year in the ground ... Replies: 17
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,202
Do something to protect them.  Research.  First year figs in ground in MD are vulnerable to typical lows.

Subject: OT: what other frutis? Replies: 16
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,094
Pete, in our climate I too chose Persimmons.  My tree is young and I have only eaten a few but it was a good choice.  If you want reliable, easy to grow fruit go with Ouachita blackberries.  In one year I was eating many gallons of them in June.  Premier and Powderblue Blueberries are great too.  Earliglow strawberries can work in containers but I grow in ground.  Muscadine grape season is now here and they are outstanding.  All of these fruits can be eaten fresh for several weeks and frozen for later.

Posted By: terowan Views: 1,317
Frank-You're welcome
Jon- Thanks. Something to look forward to.
John-Spray paint (Luke beat me to it)
Michael-Seven Springs Farm

Posted By: terowan Views: 1,317
Customizable height and width.  I had been losing too many figs to birds that perch on top of the net when it lays on the tree.  I just put this up.

Subject: Negronne EL Replies: 15
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,667
Is your Negronne in ground ??

Fred, Yes.  Planted spring 2009.

Subject: Negronne EL Replies: 15
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,667
Thanks Dennis.

Subject: planning for inground trees. Replies: 8
Posted By: terowan Views: 680
Pete, Fred is right.  Plan on some kind of protection, at least until they get older and thicker trunks.  My trees took 17 degrees fine but two winters ago, I got hit with a back door cold front and it went down to 9 degrees for just one night here at Newport and only along the immediate coast, not where you are  which usually is colder.  All of my figs died to the ground and it wasted a year recuperating.

Subject: Negronne EL Replies: 15
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When I bought this tree the website said, "Violet De Bordeaux aka Negronne.  Considered by many to be the finest tasting fig."  The growers tag said Negronne.  It is the best I've had so far.  Rich, fruity pulp with plenty of sugar.  It is a productive and vigorous tree too.

Subject: Ronde De Bordeaux A Keeper Replies: 0
Posted By: terowan Views: 478
I planted my RDB in the ground during the spring of 2011 and this year it put out about a dozen figs.  We had too much rain during ripening so they were a little watery.  They were still very, very good and better than the dozen or so other varieties I've had.  Only Negronne has tasted better.  They resisted the water better than Celeste and White Marseilles and come in earlier than Negronne.

Subject: Fraternizing With The Enemy Replies: 26
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,511
Excellent video! Maybe he wants you to hold the fig up for him to peck at and keep it clean.

Subject: Rafed In Hospital Replies: 105
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Congratulations on your return home Rafed.  Take good care of yourself.

Subject: Pine bark fines Replies: 24
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George, what other "stuff" are you concerned about being in the Timberline Pine Bark Mulch?

Subject: trees are "bleeding" Replies: 13
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Could they have been cold injury damaged?

Subject: beautiful sight - off topic Replies: 18
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,282
Nice pictures Ben.  How many fruits come out of those flowers?

Subject: Why do you like figs? Replies: 26
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,725
The first fig I ever ate was off a fig tree at a friends house in Virginia.  It was soft and I remember being a little confused because it hardly had any flavor or sugar.  I realize now it was not completely ripe and it was an immature tree.  Anyway, that was in early 80's and I never gave figs a second thought until I moved to North Carolina.  I have always been interested in edible landscaping and one day I went to a local farm stand and fortunately it was fig season.  They were selling figs in pint baskets and I decided to try them again.  They were perfectly ripe fresh picked Celeste's.  Sweet with tons of flavor.  Instantly I knew I would be growing these in my yard along with the other edibles.  I went back to that farm stand repeatedly until the fig season was over.  I planted 4 varieties of figs three years ago and they are all good.

Subject: Make your own Fig Jacket Replies: 59
Posted By: terowan Views: 4,086
Well done Dennis.  I see we are on the same schedule.  I wrapped my trees up yesterday with multiple layers of garden row cover.  Even though my climate is warmer than yours all 4 of my trees froze down to the ground last winter because of one unusual cold night in January.

Subject: nematodes in topsoil Replies: 8
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Fred, in my opinion it is not worth any risk.  Nematodes are real bad and extremely difficult to get rid of.  Not to mention highly contagious.  Use one of the recommended mixes instead.  If the bags are unopened they could be returned.

Subject: Squirrels spreading nematodes (RKN) Replies: 3
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Jason, I can believe this is what happened with the squirrels.  I had a garden bed get infested with nematodes and I used T posts for a trellis in it.  Next year I moved the T posts to an uninfected bed 15 feet away.  I was careful to wipe off every grain of soil I could but naturally there were a few grains in the crevice of the posts.  At the end of the season when I checked the roots of the pole beans I grew there the ones next to the posts were infected and the others were not.  They say we should wash all implements thoroughly before using them in other places.  Nematodes stink!

Subject: Christmas Replies: 31
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"...they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.  But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree..."

Merry Christmas everyone!

Subject: Behind sending cuttings Replies: 16
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Dennis, I'm glad you got good news.  Good health is really something to be thankful and grateful for.  (Along with lots of figs of course).  :)

Subject: White powder on dried Spanish Figs Replies: 7
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Me too, Kerry.  They look great.

Subject: Organic Dried Figs At Walmart Replies: 9
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I like the fresh ones better too.  Dried and frozen figs just extend the season of eating. Nutsonline is good.

To most organic gardeners "Organic" just means fertilized with things that were once alive and no toxic or synthetic substances like pesticides, fungicides etc. 

Subject: Organic Dried Figs At Walmart Replies: 9
Posted By: terowan Views: 3,355

Subject: White powder on dried Spanish Figs Replies: 7
Posted By: terowan Views: 4,054
How white is the white powder?  A good picture would help.  If it is white like powdered sugar or like you see on chemically grown citrus, then I would guess it is unnatural.  Crystalized fruit sugars like can be seen on organically grown dried prunes is not white as snow.  It is granular and a little translucent instead.

Subject: Organic Dried Figs At Walmart Replies: 9
Posted By: terowan Views: 3,355
From Turkey.  Really quite good.  Christmas special I guess.

Subject: Outer Banks Figs Replies: 24
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Eric, the fig cake at The Back Porch Restaurant is quite good.  Ocracoke is a special place.  The first time I was there was in 1961 when I was 7.  There had been a recent hurricane and the beach was so crowded with seashells you could not see the sand.  I returned in 1973 and again in 2009 and just this September right after the island was reopened from Hurricane Irene.  Interestingly enough, it has hardly changed since 61.  It is remote.  No McDonalds etc.  I have seen a number of fig trees there.  If you go, stop by "Della's".  She is an elderly widow and has half a dozen healthy fig trees with the seashell mulch.  She says her figs love anything from the sea including fish.  She lives on Lighthouse Road and has a sign.  Her fig preserves are made with "Lemon" figs (aka White Marseilles) and she uses whole figs in the recipe.  They are outstanding.

Subject: Negronne and 160-50 Replies: 7
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,053
I agree about the EL Negronne.  If it is allowed to fully ripen, the flavor is really rich.

Subject: Lesson Learned year so far Replies: 21
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,257
Thanks for sharing your lessons in your report Dennis.  I look forward to hearing from growers with multiple varieties because it is helpful to hear what you have learned.  Please keep taking pictures of your fruit and bushes and post them when you can later.  They are great.

Subject: help identifying another fig Replies: 6
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Looks like Saint Anthony aka White Marseilles to me.

Subject: Fig Orchard Irrigation pics Replies: 27
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Dennis, I'll bet your figs will respond to the irrigation system.  Mine sure do.  It's really hard to give them enough by hand.  What kind of soil do you have?

Subject: fig problem Replies: 26
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Bass, thanks for the link.  It is interesting in that the authors use the term "Fig Mosaic Disease" (FMD) instead of FMV.  They point out the different leaf and fruit symptoms have different Disease Associated Bodies, some viral and possibly some bacterial (phytoplasma).  They are still uncertain as to the etiology.

Subject: St. Jerome (in-ground) Replies: 4
Posted By: terowan Views: 910
Thanks for posting the picture Dan.  It is always interesting to me to see what peoples trees look like.  Nice looking fig orchard.

Subject: A Few Winner Celeste Strains Replies: 16
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,810
Dan, I think this is a great project you have taken on.  I wish my Celeste had those characteristics.  The Celeste LF has a beautiful color.

Subject: bird netting enclosure Replies: 45
Posted By: terowan Views: 4,745
Ken, do you have enough leftover 3/4 x 3/4 netting to put another layer on top of the original?  Maybe the holes would not line up and so would be smaller.

Subject: Verte (Green Ischia) or St Anthony Marseilles Replies: 7
Posted By: terowan Views: 2,062
I have the Saint Anthony, Hardy Chicago, Celeste and VDB (Negronne) all from EL.  The Saint Anthony does not have red pulp here in NC.  See picture here:
It tastes good to me but completely different than the dark ones I have.  Not as sweet but sweet enough and the flavor is fruity.  I used to think honeydew now kind of lemon.  It is milder flavored than the darks but strong enough.  One big plus is, it is earlier than my others by at least 2 weeks, so it stretches out the season.  Are there other figs you might like better.  Probably.   Bottom line is I like it, not as much as the others but it is so different and early I am glad to have it.  By the way, it is productive.  

Subject: Bird netting - Replies: 16
Posted By: terowan Views: 2,338
Dennis, I have been keeping my fig trees pruned about 6' tall and just covering them with bird netting without any support.  The birds do eat the few figs that are at the top but it is not a big share of the harvest. 

Subject: Today pixes of fig cultivars left without protection,last winter! Replies: 9
Posted By: terowan Views: 1,187
Herman, how old are these trees?  Were they protected in their first few winters?

Subject: Auto Water timers Replies: 5
Posted By: terowan Views: 957
I use this one only because it was convenient to buy at my local store:|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1&pl=1&currentURL=%2Fpl_Drip%2BIrrigation_4294821977_44_%3FNs%3Dp_product_prd_lis_ord_nbr|0||p_product_quantity_sold|1%26page%3D2TT
The customer reviews point out it must be brought inside in the coldest part of winter.  That is the only time mine ever broke when I left it out.  Otherwise it has worked perfect for years.  Do pay attention to your GPM requirement.  Mine is operating a drip system in my veggie garden that needs at least 5.5 gpm.  Timer is very flexible but the manual system only goes for 30 minutes.

Subject: Cold Protection Replies: 3
Posted By: terowan Views: 763
Lots of people have shared information and been helpful to me in the fig forum so 3 years ago when I planted 4 fig trees in my yard I decided to share pictures of them because they were doing so well.  Well, this year there aren't going to be any pictures.  At least not for a while anyway.  My climate is pretty mild and it is moderated by the ocean so it does not usually get real cold.  Last January we had the coldest night since the NWS has been keeping records here starting in 1996.  It went down to 9 and that did it.  The Negronne and Saint Anthony were frozen down to the ground.  I kept checking under the bark of the Hardy Chicago and Celeste and there was only one branch each that showed any green when I scraped it away.  Soon they all started to ooze lots of sap out of their trunks so I cut them all down to the ground.  The Negronne and Saint Anthony have plenty of new shoots to choose from now and the Celeste has a couple so far.  The Hardy Chicago was growing like a low growing tree with one main trunk and lots of branches and so far there are no shoots.    This was their 3rd winter.  I did not give them fertilizer last year and no irrigation after August.  Figs4Fun Link # 077 indicates, "Fig plants are not completely cold hardy in North Carolina.  During severe low temperatures (20 degrees F or less), they may freeze back to the ground.  Young bushes or trees are particularly susceptible to winter injury."  I didn't think there was much risk to my trees but I see in the records it went down to 1 in Morehead City, NC (on the coast) in 1985.  I've learned my lesson:  protect young trees in the ground, at least for a while.


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