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Subject: Devistation! Replies: 23
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,272
Tami, I'm so sorry to hear of the squirrel damage. Thanks to Ike and Rita we have very few now. I'm sure many figs will recover. If I can help with replacements let me know.

Subject: Root Riot Replies: 12
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,799
Hi Rex, that's too bad. I'm having excellent results with it and am not inclined at this point to use any other method. I used the Clonex Gel on most of mine and also used none on others. I find the clonex treated cuttings rooted two weeks faster than without it. What do you think went wrong? Did the cubes dry out or something? I've had to remoisten the cubes fairly often.  Are you saying you got o roots at all? After two weeks in a dark place in the house or when I see roots growing, I moved them outside to the greenhouse and shade them a little. If they are too wet looking, I open the vents for a while until the moisture on the dome drys some, then close them back up. When I get root growth,through the cube, I cup them up  in 1/2UPM & 1/2 Screened coarse perlite and put them in bins until the cups are full of roots. I have already weaned some out of the bins to full air. I set one tray outside in the sun for about 40 minutes today and they never wilted.

I especially like the fact that there is no transplant shock when they go to cups. I know some are going directly into gallon pots, but I'm chicken and take things slower.

I wonder what kind of luck others are having?

Subject: Marlow Fig Pictures Replies: 24
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 2,015
Noss, I remember on Gene & Linda's first visit a couple years ago, he saw the figs and tasted it I believe and he said it looks like a regular brown turkey. I hope it turns out to be something better, of course, I've got fig blinders on,lol. I've got some brown turkeys and some Texas Everbearing here that are 5+ years old and they don't looking anything like the Marlow. In fact, they are not worth growing and should probably be sent to fig heaven. The mystery makes it fun.

Subject: Intro Replies: 13
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 794
Welcome to the forum, Lulu. You definitely came to the right place.

Subject: Marlow Fig Pictures Replies: 24
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 2,015
It did sour some last year, too much rain at the wrong time. I always believe Herman, but now some fig friends here think it is the same as Dottato Rosso an Italian variety. Who knows, it may be a English Brown Turkey too. I've just received two cuttings to try to compare the two. It has Brebas this year for the first time which Dottato Rosso is said to have. They also are telling me the leaves and fruit are identical. Time will tell.

Subject: Is Down's Celeste & Celeste different figs? Replies: 11
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 986
Never heard of Down's Celeste, but there are several different strains of Celeste. My Celeste here is the same as Blue Celeste.

Subject: Negronne or Celeste ? Replies: 7
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 734
I agree that Celeste would be the best in the ground. Most productive of the two for me at least. I love the flavor of the both varieties though.

Subject: Looking for cuttings Replies: 17
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,189
Hi Mike, you have a private message. I don't know what is going on with all the write overs at the bottom of this thread.

Subject: New to figs and looking for a little advice Replies: 11
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 582
The problem I see is that you put that newly rooted tree from a cup to a 5 gallon bucket. Most of us generally go to a one gallon pot the first year and up pot as needed to a 2 gal., then 3 gal, then 5gal. That is way too much soil and will hold too much moisture for those tender roots. I think you risk rotting the roots. This is just my opinion, just offering a friendly suggestion. Maybe others will chime in.

Subject: Leaf Problem Replies: 30
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,142
Tami, I'm kind of late to this discussion, but the same thing happens every spring here on certain in ground trees while others are completely unaffected. It seems to be a combination of too much sun on tender leaves and lots of wind this time of year. My trees show no pest problems. Whatever it is, it does not affect the trees at all. Don't worry about it. Those leaves will eventually fall off.

Subject: Fig smells Replies: 19
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,380
Landscapewitch, I've always thought that Celeste trees smelled faintly sweet & musky.  Others in my yard do smell like cat pee though to me.

James, if they could come up with a smell to keep animals(birds in particular) from eating the figs, then we'd be home free. Where I live is like bird hell.

Subject: OK to plant hardy figs in ground the first year? Replies: 10
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 732
I would think it depends on where you live. I get away with it here because of our mild winters, but agree with BLB in that it's risky --- especially in colder zones. I know many people recommend 1 gal, 2-3 gallon, to 5 gallon before it is planted. Maybe others from your area will chime in.

Subject: My partial container garden Replies: 50
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 3,637
Dennis, all I can say is wow. You have been a busy man.Good to see them.

Subject: ____How Many Figs Do You Eat In 1 Day___ Replies: 14
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,110
All I can get:))

Subject: Lots of fig jam for me Replies: 14
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 872
Looks yummy! Good use of frozen figs.

Subject: One more time/last time good Ebay sellers/members Replies: 84
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 7,732
Thank you Ed. They get no more real than you, my friend.

Subject: One more time/last time good Ebay sellers/members Replies: 84
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 7,732
Kerry , Thanks for the cudo's. I really love my Hollier. By the way, Kerry (drivewayfarmer) is a great source for cuttings and a super nice person.

Subject: One more time/last time good Ebay sellers/members Replies: 84
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 7,732
I would like to be include in this list, if you see fit. I stand behind all I sell and they all came from reputable sources(Forum Members) and are what they are listed to be. Not trying to toot my horn or anything, just thought I should be included. Thanks

Subject: Mis-labeled Replies: 13
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,024
Not Sure what it is, but definately not Stella(wrong leaf shape), I don't think it is Smith either as is is a more squat fig.

Subject: >>>>CAJUN FIG FEST<<<<< Replies: 31
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 3,094
I'm planning to come along with wife and MIL. Tim

Subject: Kathleen's Black.....where, and how much $$$$ Replies: 4
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 926
Frank, I think if you use the forum search feature for Kathleen's Black, you'll find out more than you want to know. Most any subject can be easily searched. Good luck.

Subject: Your First Fig Tree Replies: 71
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 4,770
My first tree was a celeste from my parents house. These are the only figs I knew growing up. Still one of my favorites(I've got 5 of them in the ground (about 12 yrs. old). My addiction started about 5 yrs. ago when I accidentally discovered there were other types of figs while perusing Ebay. I'm constantly collecting new varieties and thoroughly enjoy my trees and the friends I have made here.

Subject: Figs in MS Replies: 9
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,113
Hi Taylor, I have shared several varieties with my wife's family in Oxford, MS. They have been very successful with Marseilles Black VS, Atreano, Celeste, and a few others. You should be able to grow just about any fig there in the ground as long as you protect them well for the first couple years. The figs there in Oxford, froze to the ground for the first two years, but came back from the roots with only mediocre protection and did not freeze back this last warm winter season as it was warmer than usual.(they used chicken wire around them, stuffed with leaves, but failed to put on a tarp with a bucket on top to protect from the rain & wind) Where in North MS are you? The Marseilles VS Black and Celeste make exceptional preserves as does Violette de Bourdeaux just to name a few. Hope this helps.

Subject: Just Saying Hello Replies: 8
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 939
Hi Frank, welcome to the forum. You'll enjoy yourself here.

Subject: Lets Wish "Ottawan" Good Health Replies: 55
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 2,373
Hi Paully, good thread.

Akram, sorry to hear of your health problems and am glad to hear that you are recovering well. Hang in there! Praying for your fast & speedy recovery.

Subject: Violette de bordeaux brebas Replies: 15
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,348
Hi Marius, nice brebas. Mine doesn't hold on to any here. How do VDB brebas taste?

Subject: Newbie Replies: 4
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 635
Hi Michael, welcome to the forum . Glad to see another Texan on board. As for varieties other than what you have , You might try Celeste & Marseilles Black VS (top two in my book) to start with and there are many other to add down the road if you have the space. Violette de Bourdeaux is a must have in most collections. The main thing is you want to stick to tight eyed, rain tolerant varieties that can hold up in humid weather.

Ditto what others have said about RKN, be sure & check. Also check all plants before you buy them and if your sandy soil is contaminated, be careful not to contaminate your potted figs by sitting them on the soil. Good Luck.

As for rooting, Jon's New Baggie method is easy for most figs, but for treasured rare varieties and hard to root varieties, sphagnum in baggie method is the way to go. There are many other ways to root figs too, but,  you'll learn through trial & error which is best for you, like most of us have. Keep reading the old posts, they contain a wealth of information.

Subject: Stink Bugs Eat Cuttings! Replies: 9
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 804
Brent, thank you for the tips on spraying times & products. I've saved your link to read more thoroughly when I get time.

Subject: Stink Bugs Eat Cuttings! Replies: 9
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 804
I have those here too. They will devastate a tomato crop quickly. I have to spray several times to control them. I've seen them, especially the groups of babies, on my figs, but I'm don't want  to spray chemicals on my figs. I hope that scientists find a organic control for them soon. I hate spraying my tomatoes, but have to in self defense. Malathion seems to work better than anything else I've tried.

Subject: Things to come Replies: 4
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 740
Hi Mario, great looking figs an making my mouth water too! Thanks for sharing.

Subject: Marseilles VS & Marseilles Monticello - same? Replies: 3
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 979
Marseilles Black VS is a dark fig. I have white marseilles from JR which is an extremely sweet fig and is yellow when ripe. The MBVS is very rain tolerant and delicious fig with full flavor--the White Marseilles is just very sweet and not very rain tolerant. At least , not in my coastal Texas climate. Not sure that it is different from the Monticello variety.

Subject: First Fig for the year. Replies: 4
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 809
Nice fig and a beautiful interior. I haven't tried that one yet. I think I have a local source located for it. Thanks for the pictures.

Subject: First Post Replies: 11
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,046
Pete, welcome to the forum. Always glad to see another fignut joining in.

Subject: Sicilian Black Replies: 0
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 748
Anyone have any extra cuttings or plant of JR's Sicilian Black? I'll be happy to purchase either one as I have nothing left to trade. Feel free to email or private message me. Thanks in advance!

Subject: Cajuns Came To Visit Replies: 4
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 625
We had a great time yesterday visiting with Gene Collins, wife Linda and sister in law Sylvia. We cooked lunch and traded a few figs(and fig stories) and got to know each other a little better. These folks are so friendly, it's like we've known them forever. This was their second visit. Please come again anytime,my friends.

Subject: Kathleen Black Replies: 5
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 945
I got some from a forum member and just bought some  cuttings from Herman. They all originated from Herman. I'll keep you guys in mind like I said, if they root. I lost all I had last year, so I want to keep them till I get a couple going for me. I need one and a backup. The rest are for sharing. In the mean time,you might check with Herman and see if he has anymore if you don't want to wait & see!

Subject: I have a sickness and my wife wants to commit me Replies: 28
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,726
Jason with such a neat and tidy setup, I personally don't see the problem, but I have the "disease" too and a wife that actually has become very supportive. Has your wife noticed the cat pee smell yet?

Gene, you should do great with that trailer. When you showed me those pictures yesterday, it reminded me of Richard Watts starting his figs in an old van in his driveway! This looks ideal. Be sure to tie it down good to save it from the hurricanes.

Subject: Kathleen Black Replies: 5
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 945
Brian, I have a few in sleeves showing roots and a few still in the bag, but as long as I can get three to take off, I'll be glad to help you out. They still have a long way to go at this point.

Subject: Action in the South, Spring is here. Replies: 15
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,323
Gene, I covered all my budding trees with sheets and clothes pins Saturday. It got to 33F but had no frost at all!I guess it was too windy. I'd say we lucked out for now, at least until the next one! Whew!

Subject: Action in the South, Spring is here. Replies: 15
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,323
Gene, same here. All have green buds now and a few have leaves unfurling. If it freezes and /or frosts again, we'll be robbing all the wife's bed sheets and blankets. I've got my fingers crossed, so we won't have to get in trouble.LOL!

Subject: What is your most productive variety? Replies: 7
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,413
For me so far it:
Celeste, Atreano RR, Marseilles Black VS,Fica Nera de Duemane, LSU Purple, Lsu Gold and my Adriatic/Strawberry which I am 95% positive is White Adriatic. My Syrian Long looks promising. Looking to add some more to this list after this season.

Subject: Scotts black vs lsu black Replies: 11
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,563
Ed, no problem, my friend!

Subject: Thick Black Greek Fig Cutting Replies: 4
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,002

Hi Strive, I use the same methods for thicker cuttings. I find they do root easily with more success ---they don't dry out as easily as thin cuttings and have more energy within the cutting. Good luck! Tim 

Subject: Rooting LSU Purple Replies: 12
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,369
Darkman, I'm in southeast Texas zn 9. I just stuck them(LSU Purple) in 1 gallon pots(1 per) full of potting soil when I pruned in January last winter. I put them along the south side of my garage outside and watered them. I didn't do another thing to them and every one of them struck. Should work there as well. It worked for other varieties too, (Atreano and Adriatic) although you may want to use another method for your more cherished varieties.

Subject: Raspberry Latte Climate Replies: 41
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 3,980
Hi all, I have two(2 yr.'s old) in the ground(6-7') here that survived several days of 18F last winter without damage. They are indeed easy rooters and fast growing. If I remember right , I had a couple immature figs late last fall that didn't ripen. This fall it has about 6 figs late(same fate). Maybe this year---I'm hoping it will start fruiting earlier. I might try pinching to see if it helps

Subject: I Think my Fig Is Happy To See Me. Replies: 21
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,261

Oldghost, very interesting picture and enjoyed all the laughs. Thanks!

Cathy, very funny. We just call them peter peppers here. They are very hot.(scoville units, I mean).

Subject: Very impressed with this nursery Replies: 13
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,091
Hi Sara, I bought Tena, Atreano, and Norman's yellow from them several years ago. I see they are keeping up with their quality. It's nice to get a potted plant with a great root system. I love those deep tree pots they send them in. I've rooted several more trees using those pots and a long twig. Those trees will grow fast for you, especially the Atreano. They are one of the best I've bought from, IMHO. Good luck.

Subject: Marseilles black vs,Breba! Replies: 30
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 3,745
Herman, my 3-4 yr. old tree, I started from your cuttings did not yet hold any breba figs yet. I have been eating ripe main crop for at least a month or more. Very tasty figs. Holds up in the rain, too. Thanks for making this great variety available.

Subject: Finger lobed leaves Replies: 14
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 1,288
Bass's Syrian Long too!

Subject: My First Figs!!!! Replies: 21
Posted By: Fatnsassytexan Views: 969
Nice looking figs Vito! Thanks for sharing!


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