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Subject: What to ask? Replies: 13
Posted By: fotula Views: 773 born in Greece...i speak the greek language if you need help i be happy to help you with the language....Saturday i'm leaving for Tucson Arizona for one month...i'am a dressmaker and my friend needs help for making ballroom dance dresses...she ask me if i can go...i hope i get a laptop with me that way i will be able to look at my e-mail and the forum here.... also when im there i look for some fig trees...

Subject: Snow Coming Your Way Replies: 54
Posted By: fotula Views: 2,524

I miss California weather...:(((( Martin same here in Milwaukee Wisconsin...snow start this morning...:(((

Subject: Found another curious nearby fig ("Unknown Morley") Replies: 91
Posted By: fotula Views: 5,518
Jason i got my cuttings today appreciate your generousity...Thank You...Take care Fotula...

Subject: Green Greek Replies: 9
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,237

Hey Hey neighbor you have big collection...all my figs slepping now :))))...the only ones the keep me company are my cuttings lolll....spring is down the corner we can meet then...

Subject: Green Greek Replies: 9
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,237

Here new photos from both Green Greek and some other figs i have on this table :) You see the fig grow and the second plant have only big leaves...

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Subject: Black Madeira available Replies: 12
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,671

You don't have any more?:( Ggggggggg Im late :( :(

Subject: California Fig Newb request ideas Replies: 10
Posted By: fotula Views: 2,011

When i returned from California with the rest of my fig trees i brought with me Janice Seedless has some figs which fell....the trip was long from California to Wisconsin with the truck...but after a month here in Milwaukee Wisconsin the month of July new figs come ...Janice Seedless is the Fig Newtons used

Black Mission Fig vs. Janice Seedless Kadota Figs

Who wins the flavor battle between Black Mission figs and Janice Seedless Kadota figs? The verdict: Black Mission figs are damn good, but Janice Seedless Kadotas are damn better! We're jealous of Homegrown Neighbor who has one of these beauties.

Patented in 1993 and sold wholesale by the Dave Wilson Nursery, Janice figs are white and incredibly sweet. Ask your local nursery to order one from Dave Wilson for you. But note, this is a variety for Mediterranean climates.

For excellent directions on growing figs see this info sheet from the California Rare Fruit Growers.

Italian immigrants desperate for the flavors of home pioneered growing figs in northerly climates. See this discussion over at GardenWeb for cold climate fig strategies.

Janice Seedless Kadota (top), Black Mission Fig (bottom)


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Subject: Green Greek Replies: 9
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,237
Dennis...born and raised in Greece... I remember my childhood eating figs from the trees...  I am sure to know the taste of this and many other different figs... Many years have passed that I did not eat figs as my childhood...

Subject: He's back at it again Replies: 105
Posted By: fotula Views: 9,224

He send cuttings from fig trees..with the names on the cuttings...last year i order $100 worth of cuttings with the names i selecte he have on his list...i got the cuttings all ok very good...i have to give him positive what i read in the forum here i dont know any more what figs i got...some off the cuttings grow very well now the are in dormat.....some cuttings rotted from the beginning ...i send him an e-mail and he replace the cuttings at no charge only $5 for shipping...

Subject: Green Greek Replies: 9
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,237

My cam run out of batteries....i will show you and the second cutting has leaves and a little fig coming below the branche...

Subject: Green Greek Replies: 9
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,237

Hello...I bought 2 cuttings Green Greek figs from eBay...I would like to see the progress from one cutting...incredible the fig comes before the leaves :) 

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Subject: Drying Replies: 7
Posted By: fotula Views: 846

Hi Happy New Year....Here some info...  At the top page is the Translate

Subject: Fig Bonsai Replies: 29
Posted By: fotula Views: 7,603

Forgot the branches i got when i lived California by a friend of mine who had a large fig tree in the yard 10 years old....was 2 small branches very weak at the beginning....i put the branches in a pot with soil and went very well after that decided to make a i do not know nor that he knew tha name of the fig tree....but i know it made a very large black figs very red and very sweet...his mother told him that drought the fig tree from Cefalonia Greece.....

Subject: Fig Bonsai Replies: 29
Posted By: fotula Views: 7,603
Thank you very much nelson20vt....i had no idea what wire to used...i went to Home Depot and got soft wire that i can bent the branches without hurt wire such as those cables in without the plastic outer..Sorry i think it is called gauge....Im know more Greek that English...I also saw lots of video in youtube how to make a bonsai....

Happy New Year...Best of Health

Subject: Happy New Year Replies: 19
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,126

Happy New Year To Everyone....The next two weeks new arrivals coming from Greece.....I can not wait when i receive a phone call from Chicago that the barrel came...The cuttings Maggie sent doing great.....

I wish best of health to everyone.....

Subject: Merry Christmas to all Replies: 36
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,499
Merry Christmas, everybody!
Καλα Χριστουγεννα Σε ολους....

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Subject: Fig Bonsai Replies: 29
Posted By: fotula Views: 7,603
Hello..Happy Holidays

This is my first bonsai fig tree...

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Subject: Melanzana MS = Longue D'Aout Replies: 10
Posted By: fotula Views: 3,367

Hello All...Im Greek Born...Melanzana (Melitzana)Thats The Translation For Eggplant In Greek Language

Subject: Another fig lover is born? Replies: 28
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,426

Congrats on your new beautiful baby....

Subject: Some Information On The Figs Trees Replies: 4
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,245

Hello Maggie :)) always read this Forum :) Nice to see you ...:) Maggie ...Ciao Bella :))

Subject: Some Information On The Figs Trees Replies: 4
Posted By: fotula Views: 1,245

We call a spade ... figs

The fig tree is wild and belongs to the family fikon, the sycamore Carrick, (Ficus carica), the specific name, country of origin rather in Caria in Asia Minor.

Feature tree trunk with gray and dull sheets, reminiscent of open palms, which produces resin instead of milk, which is slightly caustic and creates itching and irritation. Another feature of the fig is the fruit of the fig, which is actually the flower.

It is the first tree mentioned in the Bible where when Adam and Eve expelled from paradise, they used fig leaves to be shipped to their nakedness. In mythology and sinister origins. When the Titans were defeated by Zeus sunk in Tartarus, Gaia, the mother, xanaevgale a surface from this Sykea, turning him into a tree, the fig tree

Still no mention in Homer's Odyssey, when Odysseus to recognize his father Laertes reminds him that gave him "forty Sykas. But the goddess Demeter gave the residents of Attica, where he had fled when mourning after the abduction of her daughter Persephone by Pluto.

At the time of Solon, prohibited the exportation of figs from Athens and complaining even offenders were called sycophants. In ancient Rome, according to tradition, the wolf and Romo grew up in Romulus under a fig tree. Finally, the Buddha also sat under a fig tree, known to stop for three days, reached the Great Enlightenment.

Remains of figs have been found in Neolithic settlements of 5000 BC and in Egypt have found baskets of figs in Egyptian tombs, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were fig trees.

In ancient Greece, the cultivation of the fig tree started from Crete, which probably came from Egypt and then in the 9th century in Greece. In Herodotus referred to as Sykea or Siki and with olives mentioned in the "Pythagorean meals.

In Byzantine times, figs, known as "ischades" guarding the entire winter in earthen pots, while the Romans considered them "holy" fruits and kept them in honey. In the early 16th century, expanded the cultivation and other Mediterranean countries and three centuries later, Spanish missionaries brought and planted fig trees in San Diego, California, where the cultivation and production of figs rival countries today, traditionally sykoparagogikes such as Greece, Turkey, Spain and Portugal.

There are many beliefs about the fig tree, and refers to gospel texts. as the tree that Jesus cursed to dry when it found neither a fruit to eat, while popular wisdom considers accursed, because it hung from Judas after his betrayal, finally even say that you should not sleep under the fig tree because it carries a heavy sleep.

Types of figs, white, black, purple, red, small, large, well known to those of Kimi Evia, Messinia Kalamata (tsapelosyka) of Pelion Pelion, royal t s

Figs are rich in vitamins (A, B, E), minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and contain large amounts of sugar by draining multiplied. It is easy to digest and help the smooth functioning of the intestine.

Or eaten raw like fruit and dessert, with their best season in late summer, but year-round as dried.
The fig has joined the culinary ingredient in cooking (pie, tart), confectionery (jams, sweets, cookies, molasses), but even the distillery as the checksum in Chios.

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Subject: Fig Rust Replies: 1
Posted By: fotula Views: 577

Hello All...After Living In California For 4 Years...The End Of May I Move Back To Milwaukee Wisconsin...I Bring With Me My Fig Trees :)..3 Of My Excel Fig Trees Have Rust On The Leaves...And My Janice Kadota Some Of The Leaves Look Like Having Mosaic Virus...Please Let Me Know What Can I Do To Help My Fig Trees...Thank You....

Subject: My unknown fig Replies: 3
Posted By: fotula Views: 661

Thank You for the Welcome Dieseler....when my son bring home lots of branges from the fig i say he was working for a trim tree company...i was so happy see im greek and fig trees is my love...i did manage too get rootting couple off first i see roots and then the brange have 2 little figs on...and then the leaves start ...the figs grow like almond size and the drop from the far the fig trees i have here at home....not one have the same leave shape like this one....for sure im going to take more pictures as the tree grow and post them...Again Thank You...

Subject: My unknown fig Replies: 3
Posted By: fotula Views: 661

Hello i need help please..i have a fig that my son give me when he work for a company triming trees...i start the fig from a cutting but i don't know what variety fig is please if any one know from the pic let me know...thank you Fotula

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