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Subject: Holiday Surprises today Replies: 9
Posted By: nhardy Views: 920

Double congrats!! Everything is about two half weeks earlier this year for me in MO.  Got my first fig 6/22, last year 7/9.  Picked my first Jetstar tomato 6/22, last year 7/13. This is the earliest that I ever picked a tomato. I forgot to ask what variety of tomato did you pick today?

Subject: Rain, Rain, Go Away Replies: 5
Posted By: nhardy Views: 640

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Ox, that the jetstream will only bring you dry weather.  We had a fast moving storm today with lots of lightning. A postal carrier on a walking route up the road was struck while she took shelter under a tree. She was only 34. Count me in for drier weather too. My brebas have started to ripen this week.

Subject: Something is bugging me Replies: 10
Posted By: nhardy Views: 961
Jason you had to say it! Worry about critters. I just dropped my sister off at her house down the street. And in the headlights there it was a great big raccoon! Two weeks ago it was a ground hog on my neighbors front lawn. Two months ago it was a possum on the front lawn. Three months ago it was a deer down the street over the five lane of traffic. And six months ago it was a fox about 1/4 mile where the deer was. We have geese walking down our street.  I should live in the country if I know all this animal live in my neighborhood. Then I would have more space to plant more figs!

I thought I have seen all the animals this year, then a red tail hawk was at the front door with a dead squirrel.  Is it bad that I hope he comes back for more squirrels?

Subject: Something is bugging me Replies: 10
Posted By: nhardy Views: 961
I'm not trying to kill the praying mantis! Just the other bugs if the praying mantis leave me next year. They are good luck! I just did not know if you have bugs and they are a problem. So if you don't have to spray & you don't have any praying mantis living in your trees, then I guess I won't have to either.  I'll google scales to be on the lookout for them.

I'm enjoying playing hide & seek with the praying manthis. Maybe I'll call them Waldo. They are no bigger than my pinky nail. I hope they eat more bugs to get bigger!

Subject: Something is bugging me Replies: 10
Posted By: nhardy Views: 961
I was inspecting my fig and found a baby praying mantis in my tree. I saw them last year on my apple tree. And now I found the egg sack attached to my tree rose that I wintered in the garage.

I think it is a good thing they like my fig tree, but if they move on will I have to spray my fig tree? Do you have bugs in your trees that you feel a need to spray? Just asking, since I have to spray my apple tree it would not be a problem to hit the fig tree if I need to spray. (Only if the praying mantis leaves of course.)

Subject: main crop question and pinching pic. Replies: 11
Posted By: nhardy Views: 917

The heat wave has been wonderful for my tomatoes & figs.  So far I have two pairs of twins on my second year tree. It is weird, but I also have two branches that have only one fig or no figs on the branch. Go figure.

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Subject: Figlets Starting to Form in New England Replies: 6
Posted By: nhardy Views: 758

The heat has been coming in waves heat here in the midwest. My little guy has pushed out quite a few figlets & loves the early heat waves.  Some of the pinched ends have started to resprout. I guess I'll have to repinch the ends again.

Subject: Please tell me which figs smell Replies: 39
Posted By: nhardy Views: 5,386

In another thread it was mentioned that some of the leaves smell like cat pee. So I'm hoping you all can smell your fig leaves and tell me which ones stink.

Subject: Warm Spell - Midwest Replies: 16
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,039

Just think I had on long sleeves only days ago. My tomatoes are loving this weather. The humidity is creeping up with spot showers.  The heat is on!

Subject: Pinch me! Is it time? Replies: 4
Posted By: nhardy Views: 717

I'm up to six plus leaves on the new branches already. I could let them go but I'll end up with long branches on my young potted fig that will over produce. This was a tip from Herman.

Subject: Pinch me! Is it time? Replies: 4
Posted By: nhardy Views: 717

I can not believe that I have to pinch back my VdB already. I'm a whole month earlier than last year to start pinching. I scared that it will try to sprout after if I pinch it back. I guess I'll have to keep pinching since my VdB is only in the second season.

Has any one gotten two main crops because their fig resprouted? It it even possible?

Subject: VDB Comparison Pics Replies: 8
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,320
My Vdb is doing better this year too. Only one leaf so far has the mosaic pattern. I'll have to keep checking the rest of the leaves to see if any more of the pattern develops later in the season.

Subject: First Year Growing Figs Replies: 10
Posted By: nhardy Views: 836

Spoken like true figaholics, MORE figs!  FYI-I'm up two figs now.

Subject: Ebay Replies: 9
Posted By: nhardy Views: 729

I think it might be time to built an upper loft addition in your garage.

Subject: fig body wash Replies: 10
Posted By: nhardy Views: 897

I have seen Perlier, Ahava, Bath & Body Works and several others have jumped on the fig band wagon. But I have never smelled the sap of my little fig. I guess I can try that when I pinch it this summer. Who knew!

Subject: Is this luck or what??? Replies: 7
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,048
A lot of the plants from the Bible are not zoned for your area. You might find other items that are cold hardy. He changed water into wine. Grapes are cold hardy. The birds & squirrels would love to eat them if you do not pick the fruit. Apple trees are cold hardy too. Figs are not cold hardy in my zone. I have read a lot of threads on this forum on how to care for my potted fig. My VdB is asleep in the basement now. I'm will to do all of this work so the plant will reward me with the sweet tasty fruit. Give it time, you will see the rewards of growing a fig is the fruit of your labor.

Have you put your fig near a southern window now that it has woken up? Maybe a growing lamp??

Subject: please name your Lowes figs Replies: 14
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,345

Boots, which side of the state are you from? I'm in the Gateway to the West. The box stores around get a lot of stock from IL and TN. I have not found any figs there yet.  I have only found one nursery in the area that had a Chicago Hardy fig.

Subject: Still No Killing Frost Replies: 1
Posted By: nhardy Views: 412

We finally hit a low of 32 degrees on Friday morning, a record for latest first frost. And then on Saturday a record high of 73 degrees. I pushed my potted VdB into the garage two weeks ago. Now I have to worry if it is too warm in the closed garage until the next front moves in next week.  

Subject: If I give you 2 pots, what would you plant? Replies: 11
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,299

Sorry Martin I'm a little slow. Yes, I'm in St. Louis, MO.  After a cool summer, I was able to harvest the one breba and 5 of the 10 main crop figs. 

Subject: Are figs in every part of your life? Replies: 26
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,126
I have been looking at the Ebay auctions. At the bottom of the page are sponsored links, from fig shaped salt and pepper shakers, fig scented candles, plates with painted figs on them and moisturizing body creams with figs. Today while searching, I found an auction for 3 fig Christmas ornaments.  The weird thing is I was looking at them and try to figure which variety they were.  

Subject: My Underwear Ties Replies: 6
Posted By: nhardy Views: 729

I used the salvage from the Waverly kitchen curtain fabric. It was a Gone with the Wind idea. I love to recycle!

Subject: Coffee Grounds Replies: 9
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,240

Too much coffee grounds will drop the soil Ph. A great source of Nitrogen. I guess that is why they add the egg shells.

Subject: Negronne Replies: 2
Posted By: nhardy Views: 739
Why is that Parks Seed owns Wayside Garden and they use the same photo for Parks Petite Black and Waysides Negronne with different descriptions.

Subject: zone 5 and 6 midwest Replies: 13
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,753

Nannanae's profile has been deleted? Come back!

Subject: zone 5 and 6 midwest Replies: 13
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,753

Here is another post for your reading.

I second xgrndpounder suggestion, write her! I'm in StL county with one fig in a pot. Too cold for me to plant in the ground unless you wrap it up for the winter. Not able to make that commitment. Violetta sounded good for cold climates but I did my math and I get colder here than is it 10 C. (Jan. 2009 -12F here)

Have you looked at the UC Davis Repository cuttings list? Get your order in soon.  Then you can read more posts on how to start the cuttings.

I ate my first fig today, I shared it with my mother.

Subject: Dan, do you have all of these critters? Replies: 1
Posted By: nhardy Views: 509
I thought I only had to deal with birds!

I found this one out there. It will never be a Pulitzer prize winner. I thought the gin bottle was a good touch to go with the figs.

If any of you guys are passing through Hattiesburg, MS and see the signs, think of me!

Subject: Violette De Bordeaux Breba Replies: 29
Posted By: nhardy Views: 2,147

My breba is more green than purple. The main crop figs are bright purple.

Subject: ebay seller wellspring100 Replies: 9
Posted By: nhardy Views: 991

It will be like Christmas in July for you. The gifts that keeps giving and giving! 

Subject: Summer is here! Replies: 15
Posted By: nhardy Views: 777

The heat spell is over. We are back in the 80's & no more humidity in the 80% mark. We even turned off the AC. Yesterday, I put the little guy, VdB, on the porch to get a little shade, 99 degrees & 80% humidity. Let's hope it holds to the 4th of July fair and the All Star game. You did hear who is throwing out the first pitch. Should you want a free concert, stop in for LIVE on the Levee for three weekends.

Subject: Summer is here! Replies: 15
Posted By: nhardy Views: 777
Thank you OttawanZ5 again! This the second time for good advise, once about the additional pinching and once on the newbie raspberry advise on the GW forum. I'll start pinch again.
Martin it was a good spring. There were no calls for sandbaggers from too much rain like last year. They almost closed Hwy 44 because of flooding last year. We had no tornadoes in our county or the next county over. Three counties away three people were killed by a tornado. We had no late frost like the other year it killed the entire peach crop here.

Subject: Summer is here! Replies: 15
Posted By: nhardy Views: 777

It has been a good spring, not to wet.  Last year was an El Nino year & it was record breaking precipitation, the same is true in La Nina year for us in StL. The year after this is always hot and very dry. Summer is living to it's name, 97+ degrees days in forecast & heat indexes of 110.  I pinched almost all of my branches like Herman suggested. On two of the branches I found were mad that I pinched them, yes they were mad! They started to rebranch! I had to recut the tips again. Is this normal? They were not kidding in describing VdB as prolific. I just hope it likes our humidity. 7 figs and counting! Not bad for the first year.

Subject: Careful Purchase On Ebay Replies: 14
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,407

I tried to look at the feedback on the other eBay seller names for this person. eBay eat this info... It's all gone now.  I see that Pitangadiego sold some cuttings to them this year. 

Is it a common thing for people to sell plants on eBay and write they never have gotten a fig from the parent plant? Maybe one plant, but they had four different varieties and they wrote this comment on all of them auctions. Makes wonder why you would buy this plant if it never bears fruit anytime soon. I'm to impatient to wait more than a few years for fruit. I wish Figs4fun has an endorsement program to help newbies like me stay away from people like mifig4fun.

Thank you Martin.

Subject: Planting in FL Replies: 6
Posted By: nhardy Views: 899
My sister's house is next to a dairy farm. The farmer sold the land and now no cows. The fig is for my niece. Her house is sevaral miles away. The other things in that area are tree farms. They grow a lot of tall pine trees. 
I'll have to see if they have the chemicals @ Ace Hardware on Blanding while we are there next week. Great tips!

Subject: Planting in FL Replies: 6
Posted By: nhardy Views: 899

Should we plant the future planting area with French marigolds? I understand crop rotation, but this one sounds funny to me.

Subject: Planting in FL Replies: 6
Posted By: nhardy Views: 899
Starting: Jacksonville, FL is where.
Soil: Sandy
Worry: RKN

Would you buy a dwarf fig and pot it or buy a non dwarf variety and plant it in the ground and take my chances? Or do you have a third option?

Subject: If I give you 2 pots, what would you plant? Replies: 11
Posted By: nhardy Views: 1,299

I am a little too north, so I can only plant figs in pots. If I give you 2 pots, can you pick me two figs? If one of them is a dwarf variety and the other be your top favorite fig of all time if I can prune it to fit in my garage.  Oh yea, they have to taste great and have a really good brebas crop.  Got any ideas?


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