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Subject: Fig Tree Varieties from Italy Replies: 14
Posted By: hotrodz23 Views: 3,641
Thank you guys for your responses.  Do either of you know where I can get these trees, either in pots or cuttings?

Also, my grandparents want to plant some other varieties, one white and one red, in my yard in Brooklyn, NY (zone 7) to go along with the three fig tree we already have. They remember figs when they were little that were very big and sweet and thats what they would like to plant in the yard. Do you have any recommendations of large, sweet figs for my zone?

Thanks again

Subject: Fig Tree Varieties from Italy Replies: 14
Posted By: hotrodz23 Views: 3,641
I am writing to see if you know of a few varieties of figs my grandparents talk about from the area around Monte Di Procida, outside of Naples, Italy. In there neapolitan dialect they call these figs Turriane, Velumbria, and the third is called Figa Natalina (unsure of correct spelling).  The Figa Natalina fruited during Christmas time in Italy. Does anyone know what there correct names are or have heard of them? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Subject: Zone 7 Fig Trees Replies: 0
Posted By: hotrodz23 Views: 1,231
Hello everyone, I am new to the board.

My grandfather currently grows 3 fig trees in New York City and I would like to add some more to the yard.  I was wondering what fig trees everyone would recommend for this climate that produce large figs and are sweet (they can be any color). I was actually looking at Celestial's and Desert Kings but this is not set in stone. 

Also, because of limited space, I was looking to get two different varieties and plant them in the same hole. This was currently done in my yard by my grandfather and another person told me that they should be of the same hardiness and growth rate.

Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help.


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