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Subject: Looking for in NC Replies: 0
Posted By: jordox Views: 505
I was directed by Encanto Farms Nursery to email who is in NC to get recommendations for Fig Trees in NC. I only get an error message when I click on the link.  Please email me at  I am trying to match a fig that a man I use to work with would bring me every year.  I am no longer in contact with this man to get a cutting.

"We are looking for a brown or purple sweet fig.  The one my husband fell in love with was brown on top, then went to maroon, then went to green on bottom.  When you opened it up it was brown and was very sweet.  It was about 1.5" diameter at the largest part.  They froze very very well straight off the tree.  If you left them on the counter over night, you had a fresh fig the next day.  The meat was very firm.  A man I use to work with brought them to me every year.  Unfortunately we don't know the name.  The tree was about 6 ft but pruned to have more width than height.
We live in the Piedmont of North Carolina (Eden, NC 27288) and are looking for a couple of fig trees that we can grow here, outside,  all year that is similar to the one described.  We are zone 7."


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