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Subject: Cuttings are done. Replies: 1
Posted By: Benny Views: 543
I'm not sure who it was that I told I would send cuttings to and I can't retrieve old mail since the notebook I had used got fried from a power surge. i did print them out but haven't found it yet, It was either here or GW.  Well with said shoot me an email when we spoke and I'll get what I have out to you I didn't cut them all yet so far I have these below, some more than other cuttings ...

Danny's Delight
Green Ischia
Brown Turkey
Mega Celeste
Italian Golden Honey
Osborn Prolific
St Ant Marseilles
Black Jack
Imp Celeste
Mary Jane
mega Celeste
LSU Gold Purple

Please remember these are free cuttings just pay for the shipping and please don't complain that you were expecting a rooted tree!

Subject: Alma, anyone? Replies: 8
Posted By: Benny Views: 995

Subject: Osborn Prolific-aka Neveralla & Archipel-Color Variations Replies: 23
Posted By: Benny Views: 3,663
Not sure if this is of any help but this is a leaf photo from my Osborne . The tree is here in NJ and acquired from a Jersey grower in Flemington grown in a pot. I did take a photo of the tree and figs but didn't come out good, very blurry, I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

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Subject: Order arrived PIX Replies: 8
Posted By: Benny Views: 1,271
Sal I received from him today also, only one this time. I really think he does a very good job from the moment the order is placed to any issues like what occurred last week with the O'Rourke Improved Celeste. I would buy from them any time and would recommend them without hesitation.

Subject: New Members Replies: 30
Posted By: Benny Views: 1,844
I been here since I unwrapped my in ground figs this year and noticed they were all dead to the ground, looking for some thoughts and ideas I stumbled across this site and it has been a great wealth of info to me ever since. With that said I want to take the time to thank all the members here who do take the time to post and offer opinions and various ideas for the fig growers out there.


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