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Subject: Sal's, Sal Replies: 11
Posted By: Alfred Views: 1,322

Gene on his eastcoastfigs site seems to be saying that his EL Sals and #39 are one and the same.  I do not doubt that Gorgi’s #39 is different, or looks and behaves differently.  There are many possible explanations, such as a bud sport, for example. 

Subject: Ripening order Replies: 99
Posted By: Alfred Views: 32,507

July 19 

Desert King brebas on both potted and in-ground specimens; three total--most of the brebas dropped.  Not as good as the main crop (see note below about main crop).  Probably the “5-7” accession I got from Jon back in 2007.  See


August 15 

Negretta (from Gene in DC).  Actually not fully ripe, but birds and ants were beating me to two small ones on a small and young potted specimen on my deck.  Need riper ones to comment further. 


August 17 

First main-crop from the potted Desert King cited above.  Last year the in-ground bush ripened all of its main-crop figs (birds and squirrels got most of them).  So I seriously doubt that this accession is a San Pedro version of DK.  Skins are tougher than any fig I’ve tried before—to the point of almost being unpalatable.  But the pulp is delicious! 


August 21 

A potted unidentified variety from a friend and neighbor here in Bethesda.  


August 24 

First main crop from the in-ground Desert King cited above. 


August 25 

EL White Marseilles:  Edible Landscaping (EL) apparently has more than one kind of WM, but I do not know which one this is.  It froze back nearly to the ground this past winter (we got down to 2* last January and it was unprotected), so this is one that comes back and successfully ripens fruit after major dieback.  It’s not my favorite—I only like it when extremely ripe when a hint of butter scotch kicks in; but my younger brother and youngest son say they like it more than Hardy Chicago, which I prefer.  


August 27 

EL Hardy Chicago. 


August 28 

Black Marseilles VS. 


August 29 

EL Sals. 




Subject: New Members Replies: 30
Posted By: Alfred Views: 1,844

Thank you Martin, Jon, and all others who make new members feel welcomed here.  I joined last month and look forward to participating. 





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