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Subject: Unknown Pastilliere Replies: 9
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Yes it does need the wasp.

Subject: Black Beauty 10 The best black this year Replies: 17
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No.  It's definitely not the same fig as Kathleen Black.  I have Kathleen Black which is an elongated black fig.  This fig is round shaped and taste 20 times sweeter and better than KB.  IMHO, KB isn't worth the trouble growing.  It's very finicky.

Subject: Black Beauty 10 The best black this year Replies: 17
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Good day, for years I wondered if BB10 was as good as some said it was. I can completely agree that this fig is one of my best black figs. Thank you to the member that traded this tree with me! You know who you are! This fig has a very intense berry flavor tangy and super sweet! Totally amazing fig!

Enjoy my pics.

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Subject: Make your own Fig Jacket Replies: 59
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I'm a few year late answering this question jdsfrance.  To answer your question, we get very little snow every year.  If we do get snow, it melts in a day or 2.  We mostly get ice and a lot of sun.

Subject: Frost protection Replies: 5
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Check this out....

Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
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Thank you for the kind words! 

George, I am glad to see you're back!  I remember those long post you made of all those figs you found in Malta years ago.  I have some of those today in my collection.  I downloaded and save those threads, posts and pictures of those figs.  And there were a lot of them!  But over time, the pictures I saved got corrupt and I had to remove them.  I am looking forward to more of you photos George.
George, I'm interested in seeing that hardiness chart.  Remember years ago when JV (our administrator) started a post of figs ripening your area?  Well, I downloaded every person's post and created a database of all that data!  I was able to sort the chart by hardiness and plant zone.  Back then, I was on the forum daily, morning noon and night!  I think I sill have that database.  The data went as far back as 2005 and 2006, I think.  So today, I can tell you just about exactly when a particular fig will ripen in my climate.  And using the database, I can tell you when that fig will ripen in your climate.  When the fights started years ago, I drifted away and like others would peek in from time to time.  I still like this forum.  JV is a dear personal friend of mine.

It did hurt when a bunch of old members left.  It was good to learn how they raised their figs.  Many--- I learned from.  After I pushed back on this form, I had 2 very bad health scares.  I mean real bad!  I only told one person on this forum about my second injury.  Between that major health scare, a new job, a 2 hour round trip work commute, and falling down my icy front porch steps injurying my lower back (some of you might remember that post-- a lot of my fig play time was drastically reduced.  I was bed ridden after that fall for 6 weeks!  That fall was so bad, I could not drive or let anything press my lower back while sitting for weeks.  Six weeks later, I had to travel for work.  A few months later, I had another major medical issue.  I was hospitalized for 2 days and was out of work another 4 months.  During those times, I just could not play in the dirt at all.  But I would chime in and read the posts in this forum.  I did not let my fig collection or my paw paw collection or my persimmon collection or my pom collection die.  I played around some in the yard but wasn't SUPPOSE TO lift anything over 3lbs.  But I did, once.  My wife caught me outside moving a pot and was furious.  She wouldn't talk to me for days!  I knew she was serious when she called our son over to help me move plants around the yard and greenhouse and made me stay indoors!  So those of you expecting air layers from me, now you know why I have not sent them yet!  (smile)  Sometimes, life gets in the way!
Today, my health is better.  I am 17lbs lighter and back to my old self.  Before my injuries and surgeries, I use to do P90X and other aerobic exercises a lot, plus work in the yard after a full day at work.  Losing weight wasn't an issue.  After my injuries and surgeries, I gained alot of weight and something had to give.  So, I promised my wife I would cut back on gardening, stop over exercising, changed my eating habits and exercise just a little.  My back isn't 100%.  That huge knot is still on my lower back.  I may have to have surgery.  It use to be grapefruit size. today is just half that.  But I don't let that stop my passion for growing fruits.  However, it has slowed me down a lot!   I am slowly getting rid of half of my fig collection and placing other fruits in the ground on my properties.   The wife and I have tossed around moving the Charlotte area.  However, I doubt we will move.  Especially since I planted 30 Paw paw trees down by the creek in March!

Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
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Well I am glad you are doing better Barry!  Welcome back!  I chime in from time to time!  There is a lot of new blood here and that's good!  But most of the ladies are gone.  So sad!  I wish you the best!

Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
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I am not a fig expert.  I do have experience growing figs and other fruits in my climate.  I personally think it's OK to name a fig.  There are so many members here and gone that named their figs.  It's all in the love of gardening.  Telling me or another to name a found fig a certain way won't force me to do that.  Sorry if this upset some....its not my intent.  (Smile)  Again....To me, it's all about the love and the fun of gardening.  Figs are just one fruit that I grow.  There are others I am passion about too!

Over the years, I received a lot of completely false advise about growing figs.  And that's OK.  I learned.  I didn't get mad or slander anyone.  I just took what they said and learned a lot about growing figs in my area.  What worked for them may not work for me in my climate.  Any advice give is just an opinion.  I understand that.

Figs are a mystery!  That's why I love them so!  A few years back, I set out on a quest for figs over a 2 week period.  I drove from Charlotte to Atlanta, to Jameison AL to Florida to Louisiana and to Houston,Texas.  I spent some time talking to the folks at Petal from the Past, Mr. James Robin in Opelousas, Dalton Durio in Opelousas, JFE in Florida, and a few others during my quest.  I learned a lot about figs on that trip. 

Then I traveled and talked to the personnel at the Dept of Arg at UC-Davis--twice.  Over the years they taught me a lot about figs.  What they use to fertilize, how often they fertilize, leaf patterns, etc.  They've even asked me to send them some of my trees!  And yes, including those I found in Charlotte. They don't care what you name a fig.  LOL!  This is why I don't take naming figs so personal.  Over the years, I've located 3 local unnamed fig trees.  I will give them a name.  They will not have the prefix "Unknown" in their name.  Sorry.   I have the history of these figs written down along with the owners name and address.  I've searched the county public records and obtain the previous property owners name just to add more information about the tree.  But that doesn't tell you WHERE the home owners got their fig tree from.  To me, that's good enough!  LOL!  So, when I send my trees to UC-Davis, they will receive the history of the fig as it was told to me.

Having said that.....HOW BOUT THOSE FIGS!!!!!!!

Subject: Fig tree in North Carolina Replies: 5
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No, I don't know exactly where this one is. But I do have a lot friends living in Mooresvile with fig trees.

Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
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Charles, I spoke to Grasa awhile back.  She said, she doesn't have the time to spare anymore.  I can relate to that!  I have a new job now and can't tend to my trees like the past.  And my weekends are spent with the wife and mowing the lawn!  In the future years to come, I plan on having my lawn serviced so I can at least do the basic playing with my trees!

Subject: Fig tree in North Carolina Replies: 5
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Dave, where is that tree? Mooresville?

Subject: Where have all the old timers gone Replies: 91
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I am still here but not like I use to be.  But what Danny and Michael stated is quite true!  Plus these "bully verbal" fights ran most of the women away!  So sad!!!  I use to contribute daily on here but I drifted away because of these 6 topics.

1.  The constant male fights.  This ran most of the ladies away.
2.  The repeat asking of the same questions without searching did it for me!  Every person seem to think their particular question about figs is different.  It was not!  The bottom line is every question about figs has been asked and written on this site.  All folks have to do is search, read, and learn.  For me, this was so annoying!
3.  The clique!  Yes, back in the day, it was a HUGE clique!  Those in the clique tried to get our administrator of this site, JV to tell new member they could not name local unknown figs they found.  When JV said he wasn't going to do that, they got mad, removed their post, and started their own site or started their own FB group.  I will say this, FB is a lot more fun though.
4.  I was not learning anything.  I gained a lot of fig knowledge over the 20+ years of growing figs.  I felt I wasn't learning anything new!
5.  I started growing other fruits that I fell in love with, aka Pawpaws and Persimmons.
6.  The constant request for cuttings.  I do think requesting for cuttings and air layers is ok.  I sometimes ask for them.  But for me, I was getting hammered a lot.  Every year I give away a lot of my trees to friends and I sell a lot of them too.  And I do trade.  but I was getting too many request from unknown people from overseas and a few in the US.  I have air layer and cuttings that I send out to private requesters.  But when we have bad winter weather, it puts me behind due to die back.  This puts me behind and its hard to catch up sending out promised trees.

Subject: Lemon Fig Replies: 32
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Thanks guys. I've decided to give this fig another try. This time, I will plant the tree in the ground. Today, I have 2 new Lemon trees.

Subject: OT - Ohio Pawpaw festival Replies: 25
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Yeah, we all did.  They went through a management restructuring and at first they did cancel it.  But weeks before decided to hold it at the last minute.  One of my pawpaw buddies called and told me.  I doubled checked on their website and it was confirmed on last Saturday. 

Subject: OT - Ohio Pawpaw festival Replies: 25
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Hey Tad!  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the NC Paw Paw Festival was last weekend in Winston-Salem!  You missed it!  LOL!  I was there and picked up a few special pawpaws!  However, you did not miss much.  Last year's festival was 10 time better and flooded with folks.

Below are some special ones I picked up:
Kentucky Champion (2),  
Overleese (2),
Summer's Delight,
Tropicial Treat


Subject: I'm back Replies: 7
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Welcome back Jennifer! The old gang isn't here anymore. Just a few left....a lot of newbies. I only peak in every now and then. I'm culling a lot of my fig collection and putting attention to pawpaws and persimmons now. Again, Welcome back!

Subject: OT - Ohio Pawpaw festival Replies: 25
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Yes, I know Tad. The 2017 Pawpaw festival IS this weekend in Albany. My post was started in 2015. Look at the dates in the original post. I'm just bumping up my original post.

Subject: OT - Ohio Pawpaw festival Replies: 25
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Subject: Belleclare "Sport" 8/25/17 Replies: 13
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Hey Dave, how big is that pot?  And that's pretty large tree!  How often do you water it?

Subject: Another Good day picking figs Replies: 4
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Good day, I've been picking a lot of figs daily in my climate.  Especially since the rains have stopped.  Many have soured and the air quality isn't that great either!  But the sun has been out the past 3 days and no rain...just a few clouds.  Rain is due on Wednesday.  So, for the most part, I've been picking figs daily and freezing them.  I haven't taken any pictures but decided to take a few pics today from some of the ones I've been picking.

Believe it or not, the best tasting and richest in order are Tacoma Violet, Toni's Brown Italian, Longe D'Aout, Conadria, Gypsy, Strawberry, BC23 and Unk Black.  Verde Passo was spoiled and the others on the tree also due to excessive rain last week. I'm letting the bird eat away on a few of my trees.  And most of the one I try to cover with bags get taken by the critters.  But tonight they trap is set for the critters!!!

Tacoma Violet was the definiate winner today in this bunch!  Taste just like super rich black berry jam!
 Here are the pics!



Subject: Brown Turkey? Replies: 5
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What does the fruit taste like?  If it's pure sugar, then you know it's Celeste.  Pictures can be misleading but I agree with you---90% of the fruit trees in the Carolinas is either Brown Turkey or Celeste.  Most Celeste fruit trees are really bushes in the Carolinas.  And most BT trees that grow straight up become giants and are over 30 feet tall.  But it has been my experiences that you'll have a better change guessing if you get to taste the fruit.

Subject: The NEW Black Maderia -- Black Greek DJ Replies: 6
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Bob, its super hardy.  It stays outside all winter in my climate.  The figs ripen in mid August.  I picked a few more today.  We've had daily rains the past week.  Now the sun is out but the figs do no split at all.  It seems to ripen a week or 2 after Hardy Chicago and Don Fortiss.  Right now in my climate, everything is ripening, Strawberry, Black Mission, Syrian #2, Letizia, VdB, Piedmonte, Antonio Black, Angelo's Dark, Tx Everbearing, Improved Celeste, and a few others.

Subject: Texas sweet fig Replies: 2
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There isn't a fig by that name.  It could be anything especially if she don't know anything about figs.  The highest possibilities are Celeste, Brown Turkey, Texas Everbearing and Texas Blue Giant.  But it could be many others.  Those I listed are very common in Texas.  If you want to see a list of some other figs, you should go to our administrator's fig variety database and search around:

Subject: Lemon Fig Replies: 32
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Michael, I too have an update!

Last week I was in Ocracoke Island, NC.  If you don't know, Ocracoke has a old history of fig trees.  Well, at the square down on Hwy 12, there are 4 fig trees planted without any tags.  I ran into a guy who said he planted a Lemon fig adjacent to the Ice Cream parlor on the left side of the building.  I walked over to the tree and was able to locate one lemon fig ripening on the tree.  Others were present but none were ripening.  The guy said the tree was planted there 6 years ago.  I picked that one fig and I must say, it truly does look like a lemon!  But it had no taste.  Like Michael said, maybe this variety needs more time for them to become better.  I'm planning on going back to Ocracoke in October.  When I do, I'll take a few cuttings and try this tree again.  The tree had zero FMV. Here are a few pictures of the tree and one semi-ripe fig.






Subject: Red Israel Replies: 11
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Awesome Igor!  RI is a good one!  A very fast grower for me in Charlotte.

Subject: My UC Davis Research trip w/Pics Replies: 22
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Subject: looking for Orphan fig cuttings Replies: 16
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Here is Orphan UCD.

Subject: The NEW Black Maderia -- Black Greek DJ Replies: 6
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Good day!  Just before I went on vacation last week, many of my trees had figs ripening.  I haven't been posting because I have a lot going on.  However I did take the time today to bring a bit of closure on a local fig of mine.  Some of you may remember 4 years ago a lady approached me at the farmer's market about her fig tree.  Below is the post I made on August 14th 2013.

Well, its been 4 long years and finally my Black Greek fruited.  In the picture I took on the mother tree in 2013, the figs were not fully ripe-- but they were large and sweet.  The cuttings I took back then was plenty.  Although they rooted, they did not survive.  The next year (2014), I went back and the owner allowed me to set some air layers.  I did and only 2 of the 10 struck and lived.  So, today, I have 2 trees.  One is 9 feet tall and growing straight up like a bean stalk.  The other one is half the size of my first but it is doing fine.  Today, there are plenty of figs on my oldest tree.  I didn't bag any figs on the tree because I was getting ready to go on vacation and go tired of bagging other trees.

When I came back from vacation last week, one fig was ready to pick.  The fig wasn't dark purple like the owner said, so I called and talked to her.  I showed her my pics.  She said the figs will be dark purple in years to come.  How does it taste?  This one fig tasted just like my Black Maderia trees.  It's very rich and very sweet but it's not flat on the bottom like Black Maderia, but it is veryyyyyy close!




Subject: SouthEastern Fig Gathering Replies: 56
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Sounds like it was a fun fig gig! Sorry I missed it.

Subject: Lyndhurst White - awesome tasting fig Replies: 8
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Hi Dr Leon! Glad to see you posting. In the past years my LW had to be picked just right. But every year the figs get better! I agree. It is the same as Lattrolla. I have one Lattrolla that was 8 feet tall in a SWP but a big gust of wind snapped it. Now, it's a very wide bush! You should give it another try! The same thing happened to me with both Smith and Peter's Honey. The first few years the figs were small and tasted like nothing. Today they are some of the best tasting figs!

Hello Jamie! Welcome back! It's good to hear from you! I have 4 LW trees and I love them all! One goes in the ground this Fall! I have the perfect spot for it!

Subject: Peter's Honey? Replies: 9
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It's not the same as Kadota!

Subject: Fig recommendation for NC Replies: 7
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Here is my 2 cents living in Charlotte the past 12 years and originally from Hickory...

Best & hardiest--- dark purple flavorful fig for me is Hardy Chicago, Angelo's Dark, Nero 600m, Aubique Petite, Tacoma Violet, LSU Black

Best & hardiest--- brown flavorful fig for me is Improved Celeste, Texas Everbearing

Best & hardiest--- reddish flavorful fig for me is Celeste

Best & hardiest--- green flavorful fig for me is Strawberry (NOT Green Ischia), Strawberry Verte, Lyndhurst White

Best & hardiest--- yellow flavorful fig for me is Peter's Honey

Some folks may disagree with me and that's ok...they can.  But these listed above grow well in my 8a USDA zone.

Subject: White Greek Replies: 24
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Jon, is that White Greek RK listed in your varieties page?

Subject: Rubado - the best this year Replies: 24
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I thought I was done buying rare figs but I guess not.  I'm glad I up-potted this guy in early summer otherwise I wouldn't have any figs to eat.  It is a honey fig but I had to pick these because the rain has started in Charlotte.  I have more on my tree but we'll see if they ripen. 

Subject: Rubado - the best this year Replies: 24
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Hello Bill! Thanks for posting your post from last year. We have the same figs. And it was Sergio that gave me the info on Facebook. It does have a unique flavor! I am so glad to have this tree in my collection. The figs are golf ball size in my clmate.

Subject: Rubado - the best this year Replies: 24
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If I were to give this fig a taste scale of 1 to 10.  it would get a 15.  It taste much better that Longue D'Aout!  LDA has a taste scale of 12.  This fig taste much better!  

Tad the rains are coming and the leaves are falling and the figs are trying to ripen!  It rained last night, this morning, this afternoon...then the sun came out and it got to 88 degrees outside.  I rained again moments ago and the sun is out again!  My trees are loaded with purple and black figs but they're not ready to pick yet.  Black Celeste, MVS, Smith, Hardy Chicago, Don Fortiss, Pananas Purple, Piedmonte, Marseilles White, Bari, Black Mission, and others but they are not ripe yet!

Yesterday, I picked my blackest Hardy Chicago and it was excellent!

Subject: ID NC Fig? Replies: 29
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Sounds like a happy camper!  Enjoy!

Subject: ID NC Fig? Replies: 29
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Try not to buy figs from Lowes or WalMart.  However, you might get lucky!  I bought 8 trees from the Lowes in Hickory on 127.  Why did i buy them?  Because I knew they were mislabeled.  Each had long fingers like Nero 600M.  They were all marked as Celeste.

Walmart had some labeled as Green Ischia.  I bought 3 for nine dollars.  Guess what it turned out to be?  Marseilles White!  So, buyers should be ware!!!

Contact Petals from the Past for Improved Celeste.  Theirs is the real deal.  You can place an order on line if you like.  Their Brown Turkey is actually a brown turkey from Montibello Italy.  There's a video on YouTube about it.  So, if you want an excellent Brown Turkey, get one.  I have 3.   One was 7 feet tall until it got hit by the ambrosia beetle this year.  But it's coming back!  It has a brown fig with a dark red center with excellent flavor!

Subject: Lemon Fig Replies: 32
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I got rid of my 2 Lemon trees last year.  They were not worth my time.

Subject: Lyndhurst White - awesome tasting fig Replies: 8
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I haven't been posting much.  I've just been picking and eating ripe figs.  Here is a fig that has a very sweet strong flavor.  It's called Lyndhurst White.  It came from my friend KK in New Jersey.  It spreads out wide versus growing upright.  My 2 trees are in SIPs.  I've been withholding water from them this year because in previous years they watery and I had a hard time trying to figure out when to pick them.  

This year, it has not rained much and I have only watered my trees when the tree began to droop a little, so about once a week.  I bagged every fig on the tree and yesterday, these 2 were marshmallow soft so I took a chance and picked them.  It was a good thing I did because we got rain today and more is coming!!!!  Its an excellent cultivar!  I know my friend Leon discarded his tree because his tree was watery.  I gave my trees another year and that extra year did wonders for me!   LyndhurstWhite1.jpg  LyndhurstWhite2.jpg 

Subject: Gino's Black Fig Replies: 7
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way to go Frank!  That looks awesome!

Subject: Rubado - the best this year Replies: 24
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Good day!  Over the past few days, I've been busy picking a lot of ripe figs and setting air layers on local finds in the area.  But, today I have a fig that I'm not sure many have heard of.  It's called Rubado.  It's a round fat large fig that has a tough skin.  When it splits, its time to pick!

We have been having small showers the past few days but for the most part, its been dry in my part of Charlotte.  Most of Charlotte has been receiving rain daily but not my area!  This fig is very very very rich tasting and is ruby red inside.  I got my tree from a lady in Texas about 4 years ago.  Back then, I purchased a lot of her trees at a very good price.  She did not have much information on Rubado but when I posted this fig on Facebook, Sergio said this about the fig:

Yes, it was by me sent. It was described in POMONA ITALIANA, his name is also CUORE (heart) for his reddish pulp colour. Is very good if very well ripened. Rubado means (in later Latin) "a few red", (colour of the peel).


Rubacado2.jpg  Rubacado3.jpg 

This fig is definitely a keeper!!!!

Subject: ID NC Fig? Replies: 29
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Why Hello Noss!  I am so happy to see you posting again!  As you can see, a good number of the old members are gone.  I check in every once and awhile.   You're spot on about the differences!

The question between O’Rourke and Improve Celeste lives on!  It is hard finding true O’Rourkes.  I had 3 large trees until the 5 degree weather hit Charlotte 2 years ago.  Two died and never came back.  One died and came back but I gave up on it.  It may still be alive outside somewhere!  LOL! 

I have 2 large ICs planted in the ground.  They produce a lot of figs for me.  I have one in a SIP and it’s doing fine too.    In an excellent climate, my figs are large long and dark brown.  In a wet climate they are long and tad watery but sweet.  In a dry climate, the figs are shorter and little dry.  I’ve been picking figs from my tree every day.  At first they were perfect!  Then they started to get a little dry so I soaked them and they got jucier.  Today and all this week we are supposed to get more rain, daily!  The has started but will see how things go!

 Like you, I’m experiencing the same mix-up with folks not knowing the difference between Celeste and Brown Turkey.  My ex-boss called me last week stating his friend had a fig tree from the early 1900 that came from St Augustine Florida.  I swung by late afternoon Wednesday.  The tree is around 15 feet tall facing west right against the house.  This guy never pruned the tree and it must me 12 feet wide.  He has never tasted the figs but they were ripening and those on top were the largest and riper.  I picked a few ripe ones and let him taste them.  He thought they were good.  He said his dad’s father who’s still alive, planted the tree.  It has zero FMV.  Guess what this fig was?  It was a Southeastern Brown Turkey.  These figs were some of the best BT figs I’ve ever tasted.  And I’m sure the ones on the top were better!  I asked if I could take some cuttings or set some air-layers and said yes.

So, this past Saturday, the wife and I took a road trip to Hickory and set 4 air-layers using air propagators.    Hickory is an hour North of my home town, Charlotte.  I’m going to go back and set some more because he wants the tree pruned back.  This time I will use my large propagators.  I use to use plastic bottle for propagation but the air propagators are very thick and can last for years.

There is another fig that also get confused by many, and that Texas Everbearing.  Some friends in Texas call it Brown Turkey but its not.  The fruit is very close to Brown Turkey but the leaf patterns are not the same.  To me, the figs are sweeter and a little larger.  But that’s for another post and another day!

Subject: ID NC Fig? Replies: 29
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Those figs in that picture are not fully ripe yet. They need more heat and more days. They are southeastern brown turkey figs. I just picked a bucket from my friends tree an hour ago. His tree is 15 feet tall and wide. Many were brown but not fully ripe. The dark brown one are and those with cracks on the side. Those guys at the farmers market sold you some unripe figs!

Subject: Desert King breba crop in SE U.S. Replies: 10
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I have 4 DKs. One in he ground, three in 27g SIPs. All are 7 foot tall and the do produce. It is very hardy.

Subject: ID NC Fig? Replies: 29
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Yes, there is a lot of confusion with the name Improved Celeste. But true Improved Celeste out produces other trees in my orchard, second to Hardy Chicago and Don Fortis.

Subject: ID NC Fig? Replies: 29
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I'm in Charlotte.  That is truly a Celeste.

Subject: Drooping fig tree Replies: 7
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I think its the same as the Weeping fig and Sal's Corelone.  The branch hang downward depending on how it is trained.  Nice looking tree!

Subject: Review of almost eden? Replies: 3
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Jay, Jon of Almost Eden doesn't sell Strawberry Verte.  I don't care what his website says.  I have ordered a lot of figs from John with AE for years.  Some forum members here sell him cuttings.  What he has is the heirloom fig from Louisanna called "Strawberry".  It ripen later and is much larger.  It also is an excellent fig to own but let's be clear.  AE does not sell Strawberry Verte.  I have 5 Strawberry fig trees from Lousianna an NO it's not the same as Green Ischia.  Nurseries add multiple names to figs to confuse the public.  Nurseries will do whatever they can just to sell a product.  It's bad business but it happens.  Strawberry is a large fig.  SV is a medium size fig.  The fig on the right and bottom is Paradiso.

Here is a picture of Strawberry on the left in the picture.

Subject: Strawberry Verte - totally awesome Replies: 43
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Yeah, I remember visiting our administrator Jon, a few years ago at his place. He had a bunch of SVs in gallon pots. At that time I didn't have any. I asked Jon did he have so many of one variety. He said because the mother tree was so productive for him and accessible. So I bought one. My tree bushed out nice and I got 2 figs that year.


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