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Subject: Strawberry Verte - totally awesome Replies: 43
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 1,744
We will see next year! I have White Madeira in a 2 gallon pot growing nicely. But I cherish my SV. It's so productive!

Also my Strawberry heirloom fig trees are loaded this year! It's another awesome fig tree to own!

Subject: Figman1peter on eBay? Replies: 10
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 380
he is the man!!!!

you're very smart for checking here first!  There's a lot of fake figs on eBay!

Subject: Pot size? Replies: 15
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 434
No disrespect but our search function works extremely well.  Just search for "pot size".  And look at what you get:

Please give it a try!

Subject: Antonio's Black and Angelo's Dark Replies: 3
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 174
I found my answer on the other forum:

They are not the same fig!  thanks!

Subject: Antonio's Black and Angelo's Dark Replies: 3
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 174
I have 2 figs and wondering if they're the same;  Antonio's Black and  Angelo's Dark.

Both are actually the same size.  Both are close to ripening the same time.  Picked a couple of ADs to day.  AB is trying to ripen.  Does anyone have any information on AB?  I have the history of AD.  thanks in advance!

Subject: OMG first Angelo's Dark of the season starting to ripen! Replies: 10
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 233
It is one of the best tasting figs I've ever eaten.  Picked the first ones moments ago.  Totally amazing!!!!!

Subject: Transplating potted plants in hot climate Replies: 5
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 163
I plant all year around except sever cold during winter.  But when I plant I use Fertilome's Root Stimulator.  It reduces the plant shock.  It's a liquid that mixes with water.  For container trees, I soak the root ball in the mixture for an hour first, then plant it.  If I'm planting in the ground, I dig my hole, pour in the mix, add the tree, rack around the soil and add more mix.  I haven't lost a tree yet using that method.

Subject: Bird Protection Replies: 9
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 209
I love birds!  Especially if it's deep fried in grease!  Sorry, I just couldn't resist!

My problem isn't the Wrens!  It's the Catbirds, Mockingbirds, Brown Thrashers and Robins.  I've already lost a few Improved Celeste and Brown Turkey figs to these guys!  Even if the figs aren't ripe, they peck holes testing the fig.  I open my garage every Spring and Summer to let fresh air in and out.  Every year, the Wren nest on the top shelf.  I need to place a bird bath out and see if that will help.

Subject: Organza Bags - what is the Ideal Size Replies: 17
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 360
ditto to what Michael said.  

You can't put a 2x3 inch bag on a large fig.

Subject: Is this LSU Purple - Pictures Replies: 4
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 274
it is.

Subject: Bills planter pots Replies: 34
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 887
Dave, those should work well for you.  Bill's original pots are just like those at Costco.  He don't sell the old one anymore but they were the largest and deepest.  I called and spoke to him about them and he agreed his new pots are only 14 inches deep.  I have 2 of them but wish they were 16 inches.  I guess I need to make a Costco run!  However, I did get 25 of the one Lowes had for sale about 3 months ago.  They're 16 inches deep but $17 each.  My military discounts helps some but 12 bucks is hard to beat!

Subject: Bills planter pots Replies: 34
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 887
I use Bill's method. Your tree is fine. There is nothing to worry about. Sometimes Figs do weird things. welcome to the world of Figs. Just keep doing what you're doing and you will be fine.

Subject: Peter's Honey Replies: 3
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 153
It's one of the best tasting figs in my collection.  At a young age, they don't have much taste.  A few years later, the figs would make you pass out at just one bite!  Yeah, they are that good!!!!

Good things come to those who wait!

Subject: Aeroponics.Has anyone tried to clone figs with this setup? Replies: 3
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 125
Go here!

Subject: Evan Rosenthal - Live Plant Black Madeira Fig Tree #NN Replies: 9
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 298
There are a lot of fake BM trees listed on eBay.  I recommend only buying from folks you know!  I feel sorry for those taken by the scammers!!!!!

Subject: Galicia Negra Fig Tree ? Replies: 13
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 511
Your tree matches the leafs from mine.  Yours is the real deal.


Subject: My best tasting Fig today! Replies: 12
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 603
Hey Frank, how did your AB do last year?

Subject: Wellspring figs Replies: 45
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 850
Awesome guys!  I'm glad to hear some of you are getting figs on your TC fig trees.  I have one huge black mission that I bought 7 years ago.  This tree has never fruited for me.  It does NOT have FMV and I know its a TC fig tree.  The darn thing is 6 feet tall and in a 27 gallon pot.  Years ago, I just let it grow and there was a gazillion suckers.  A month ago, I striped it down to just  a few main branches---cleaned out all of the sucker.  Today, it might fruit.  I just removed 8 more suckers this morning.  But when I first got this tree it was 7 feet tall and in a 7 gallon pot.  It has been heavily pruned this year.

Here is a picture of it:  

Subject: Wellspring figs Replies: 45
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 850
There is absolutely nothing with growing tissue culture plants.  I just think I'd rather spend my time, money and energy on a plant that's going to feed me versus, waiting for fruit 5 to 10 years down the road.  If you're happy with your plants, then by all means, clap your hands and be happy.

After growing 2 plants 9yrs ago and after waiting 6 and babying them for 6 years and watching it grow, I'd decided I had enough and chopped it up and placed them on the curb.  I never got one fig!  Me?  I prefer to eat my yard.

Subject: Wellspring figs Replies: 45
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 850
Most of you guys are new here.  There are some threads started on these plants.   Wellspring offer tissue cultured plants.  Don't start celetrating yet!  There plants are dirt cheap and it MAY take you many years before you see one fig.  They sucker like crazy and their growth is super and pretty.  But to me, they're not worth my time.  Good luck with them!

Subject: Kadota, Peter's Honey, or Something Else Replies: 13
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 318
My Banana fig trees are hardier than Kadota.  My Kadota dies back to the ground every year.

Subject: 30ft + tall heirloom Celeste Replies: 37
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 973
Micah, that's a beautiful tree!

A very large number of figs trees in NC are Celeste or Brown Turkey.  Once the tree gets some age and height, they become very sweet and amazing.   I'm in Charlotte, NC and my section of Charlotte is considered 8A by the USDA.  You can always tell Celeste from Brown Turkey in our climate b/c Celeste is a tad bit smaller and have a little reddish color when ripe.  Brown Turkey, depending on the strain, are a little larger and has almost a greyish brown color when ripe.  Both are excellent but Celeste is a winner and is hardier than BT.  Celeste in my climate never drop figs.  But be very careful though buying Celeste trees at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Lowes.  Most are Brown Turkey even though the tag says, "Celeste".  I know....that's for another post but is truly a huge problem for fig lovers/growers.

Again, that's a beautiful Celeste fig tree!  Auntie did a good job raising it!

Subject: Any body ever order rooted cuts from these guys ? Replies: 5
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 150
Stay completely away dude!!

Subject: Lava rock for SIPs? Replies: 4
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 101
In my opinion, it will only work if the roots were already touching the water source or at least the moisture from the rocks.  But it will work fine.  I'd recommend using hydorcorn.  And don't get the cheap verison on eBay.  True hydrocorn is cheaper.  Guys on youtube already proved that.  I use it as a top dressing on some of my trees.  If you use it, I recommend laying down a layer of weed guard first.  The HC will be easy to remove when time comes to repot your tree.  Good luck!

Subject: New eBay Seller of Galicia Negra Replies: 29
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 699
It's more than likely a fraud.  The same goes for Black Maderia on eBay.  There are a lot of sellers of BM on eBay but looking at the posted's not truly BM.  If you don't know the seller, its best to just stay away.

Subject: MBVS-EL?? Replies: 5
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 140
Go to Garden Oy Vey.  They have plenty of Marseilles Black fig tree and they are only 24 bucks all day long.  I have 3 of them and they are the real deal.  Here is the link:


Subject: Super rooter Scarlett unknown! Help me name this fig Replies: 29
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 339
Jsavkov, no offense.  I was just stating my opinion.  I apologize if my comment upset you.  That was not my intent.  Congrats on your find!

How bout those figs!!!!!!

Subject: Super rooter Scarlett unknown! Help me name this fig Replies: 29
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 339
First off, this is just my opinion. I think it's okay to name figs.  To me, his fig look just like the 5 or 6 unknowns I have that turned out to be Celeste.  Most local nurseries will get cuttings from a neighbor's tree and just to sell that fig, they will put a tag on it that says, "Brown Turkey" or "Celeste".  I'm excited for Jsavkov.  But a good majority of fig trees out there that are unknowns, truly are Celeste.

Just go to your local Walmart right now.  You will see around 20 or 30 fig trees.  Most will look exactly alike by their left patterns but there will be different tags on them!  But only one or 2 will have a completely different leaf pattern.  Just about all will be Celeste.  Celeste is very easy to point out especially if you have a picture of the tree's fruit.  My friend Jon in LA has 9 or 10 different named figs for the exact same fig.  All are Celeste.  He sells them by the name the person whom gave him the cuttings.  But in his description, he does state the fig is a Celeste.  

Celeste isn't a bad fig.  It's an excellent tasting fig!  However, every once in a while, we get lucky and find a very rare fig.  I found a few and I'm lucky today to have them in my possession.  

How bout those figs!!!!!!

Subject: Super rooter Scarlett unknown! Help me name this fig Replies: 29
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 339
Looks like Celeste to me.

Subject: Garnsey White Seedless Replies: 3
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 1,142
My trees took awhile but I have 2 trees with a few figs on now.  Should be ripe now but giving it a few more days.....provided it doesn't rain tomorrow and Sunday.  It's BC#104.

Subject: New Facebook group called California Figs group Replies: 13
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 439
Guys, if you have a Facebook page, all you have to do is search for:  California Figs group.  Once it displays the site, click it and click join.  It's really that simple.

If you don't have a Facebook page, then a link won't do you any good.

Subject: Rainy day subject for discussion Replies: 9
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 350
It's a big fat juicy fig!  Figs get better as the tree ages.

Subject: How do you think NJ Dept of Agriculture got wind of me? Replies: 25
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 1,137
Hey you're ONE OF US.....ONE OF US....

I got my visit last year.  Same here, only took around 10 minutes.  It was definitely eBay.

Subject: Slidell Black Unk Replies: 38
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 1,675
The tree is a strong grower and puts out lots of figs in my climate.

Subject: Help identifying fig - Photos Replies: 3
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 191
Leaf would help some.  A wild guess would be Desert King.  Mine always ripen in May/June timeframe.

Subject: Pete's honey Replies: 8
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 339
No.  Peters honey fig is not similar to Italian honey or Lemon.  PH has a richer flavor than Italian Honey.  Lemon?  You can feed to the hogs!  IMHO.

Subject: Hit or miss fig quality Replies: 12
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 314
In my travels across the US, I eagerly look for figs and fig trees. I found an old tree years ago in Charlotte. The owner was home and I knocked on his door. He came out. We chatted, he asked me to come back next week and I did.

Some of the old members might remember that post I submitted when I went to what I thought was a BBQ but was really a funeral! Days prior the home owner asked me to come back on the weekend so he could take cuttings from his amazing back yard tree. Little did I know true home owner died! The folks there were honoring him. Boy I will never forget that!

But yeah, I seek fig trees where ever I go. Some Brown Turkey fig trees are mislabeled. Especially those at your local hardware store. So when a person tells me they have a brown turkey, I ask them to describe the color flavor size and taste. There are a lot people out there who believe all figs are the same. I've found some to be rare black figs from Europe! I've found 2 that were black figs without fmv. Today they are in my collection. And they are spectacular!

Subject: Stella leaf look-alikes? Replies: 5
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 151
Tell her to pinch her tree and feed it some good liquid fertilizer.  She should get fruit unless her tree is a tissue culture tree.  Mine never fruited after 3 years and is now in fig heaven!

Subject: Moved from Texas to NC Replies: 12
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 217
The guy in Pittsboro you mentioned, would it by any chance be Wynn Dinson?  If so, you should see his Paw Paw patch!  What a site to see!  I've visited Wynn his place several times.  He's a good guy!  He sold me some of this seedlings.  If you come to my fig gig, you will see the 40+ Paw Paws I have planted.  They are Peterson and other varieties and multiples of some.  There is a Paw Paw festival every year in Winston-Salem.  I went last year and was planning on going this year until they announced it was cancelled this year.  Here is a list of varieties I have planted:

Pennsylvania Golden
Rebecca’s Gold
Sweet Alice
Lehman's Chiffon
Green River Belle
Lots of Seedlings
Sweet Potato

Subject: Hit or miss fig quality Replies: 12
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 314
Very well said Sas. VBT is awesome! I have 4 of them. Mine are not huge trees but they do produce without any doubt.

Subject: Hit or miss fig quality Replies: 12
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 314
The Brown Turkey sold by Petal from the Past isn't a true BT.  It originated from Italy according to one of the professors at the nursery.  I had 3 larges one.  The ambrosia beetle got one, now I have 2 large ones.  The tree has a red center and has an amazing flavor and taste.  If you can get one of those, get it!  But its not extremely hardy.  May have to cover in some climates.

Subject: Moved from Texas to NC Replies: 12
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 217
yeah, I'll post here and send out an email to those who would like to come.  Here is a link to the last won we had:

Subject: Thoughts on these varieties? Replies: 11
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 466
Bob, I can respond to you long list of figs but maybe later tonight or tomorrow.  Calvert is one of the worse figs with FMV and Black Ischia isn't far behind!  For me, it took a lot of hydroponic science and potent liquid fertilizer to get mine to grow.

Subject: Moved from Texas to NC Replies: 12
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 217
Welcome!  I'm located in Charlotte.  I'm in zone 8a per the USDA.  You're probably in 7b.  I've lived here 12 years and originally from this area, wife is too.  But whenever we get snow storms up I-85, the Carolinas get hit hard with snow and then comes the ice.  But the good thing about those storms is it only last for a day or 2 max, then the sun comes out.  As for a greenhouse, I have 2; an 8x6 and a 12x20.  I do winterize some figs in mine, but not all.  Most of my 700+ trees remain outside unprotected 24/7.  But your Black Jacks, Black Missions, Votatas, Black Madeiras and Black Ischias and others must be winterized.  If not they will die back to the ground yearly.

A good source for figs is Rabbit Ridge.  The owner, Fred is a good guy.  He's a few minutes South of you in Fuqya Varina.  Here is his website:

If I decide to hold a fig festival this year, I'll let you know.  At the moment, I'm working on one for either the 5th or the 12th of August.  I have not confirmed that but will soon.  The last one I had in Charlotte was great and we would love to have you.  Again, welcome.

Subject: Rooted figs Replies: 25
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 535
This is what I use especially now b/c in my climate we're getting temps in the mid 80s. It keeps my trees from stressing out when I up-pot them. Fertilome Root Stimulator

Subject: Black Ischia Replies: 66
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 824
Hey Harvey, the one thing I remember when we were at UCD is that although they have both Black Ischia and Violet de Bordeaux, their Violet de Bordeax did not show FMV.  But their BI looked very bad.  Both are dwarf trees but I don't think they are the same.  I have 2 large Black Ischias from UCD that I rooted from cuttings years ago and neither are hardy.  My VdB came from there too and it's 6 feet tall and does not need any winterization in my climate.  Both are in 26g pots.  

I have videos of these trees at UCD.  One of my videos were never uploaded to Youtube.  This is the one with most footage of the Black Ischia.  One of the BI at UCD has died but it was coming back from the root ball the last time Jon and I visited it.

Subject: can anyone identify this fig Replies: 25
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 651
That fig has been caprified by the wasp.  So, that tree is either overseas somewhere or in California.  In Ca, there are hundreds of yellow figs and it's going to be tough to name a fig just by its fruit.  Good luck.

Subject: Fig recommendation for orchard in NC Piedmont Replies: 14
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 334
Adam, it's up to you how you want to grow the tree.  True VdB at UCD is a dwarf tree, around 9 feet tall with loads of fruit.  I let some of mine grow as a 3 or 4 branch bush making sure there is enough air in the center to allow air.

Same here Grant.  My LSU Scotts Black and LSU Black, Sal, Ventura, Hollier, Malta Black, Desert King, Improved Celeste, and others never die back.  And now, its the first year my Black Jack and Improved Brown Turkeys did not die back.  TO me, the key is the size of the root system.  I use to  have a huge Ronde de Bordeaux years ago.  The 5 degree temps 2 years ago wiped it out but it has come back from the root ball.

Last year, Marius placed his Vasilika Meisi rootball and stump on eBay for 45 bucks.  I bought it, placed in a 26g self watering pot (SWP), covered it with weed guard and added a layer of hydrocorn.  You should see that due today!  I placed it in full sun and just left it alone.  That hydrocorn provides a lot of heat to the root ball and that dude just took off!  And I haven't even fertilized it yet!  I'll post some pics tomorrow.

Subject: Fig recommendation for orchard in NC Piedmont Replies: 14
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 334
My Flanders has never fruited for me but maybe this year.

Peter's Honey is one amazing fig and worth protecting every year.

Subject: Fig recommendation for orchard in NC Piedmont Replies: 14
Posted By: snaglpus Views: 334
If you're in the piedmont of NC which is probably near Morganton or Black Mountain or Granite Falls, you're gonna have to really winterize just about any of those fig trees.  Out of that bunch, Celeste is your hardiest.  All will die back every year to the ground and come back except Celeste.  It will not die back.  Peter's Honey and iGH are a few of my favorites.  Get Peter's honey.  I will grow well for you but I recommend wrapping it with 2 or 3 frost blankets when the temps drop below 28.

I'm in Charlotte, zone 8a and all of those grow very well in my climate but every 5 years or so we're hit with temps that drop down to 10 or 5 degrees.  Without winterization, figs will die to the ground and some may not come back.  


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