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Subject: Is this ready to pot? Replies: 12
Posted By: waayyy Views: 940
Thanks for the responses. I did some more searching around here and found some pictures of some still in the cup that have way more growth than mine. I guess I was under the impression that there is a point that you must pot them up but it appears to me now that this is not the case. Am I correct now that they can stay in the cup for several months? This one has been in the cup for a little over a month and without any real noticeable additional root growth lately and a leaf sprouting I thought that it might be ready.

My mix is 60/40 perlite/vermiculite and I have had it on a covered deck that only gets a little sun for 3 weeks now covered with a plastic bag. It has got a lot warmer here the past couple of days and and I have seen a lot more moisture in the bag so I will shade it even more at this point and wait it out if this sounds like the correct way to go?

Subject: Is this ready to pot? Replies: 12
Posted By: waayyy Views: 940
Originally Posted by pezzuti9

waayyy I'm sorry but I don't seem to be able to see any root formation in your photos. Although it may be just that my eyesight is not what it used to be. If I am wrong and you can see a fair amount new strong roots then I would say it could be potted.


Remember just because a cutting is sporting greenery on top does not mean that roots are formed as yet so be careful. If the soil in the cup is moist and you are careful you may be able to tip the cup over a gently have the rooting medium come out in one piece to get a better view to see if roots have formed or not. If they haven’t then carefully place the cutting back into the cup. 


Let us know if I am incorrect about seeing the roots in your photos.

ps: I took another look at your photos and I think I see a small amount of new rooting. If it where me I woiuld wait awhile longer before potting up this cutting up. Lets see what a few others come up with.


Thanks the roots are a bit hard to see but they are just reaching the glass at spots all the way around. I think I will take your suggestion and tip the cup to try and get a better look.

Subject: Is this ready to pot? Replies: 12
Posted By: waayyy Views: 940

I would like your opinion is I should pot this now or wait?

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