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Subject: What else do you grow? Replies: 106
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 9,150
Very impressive lists... And very jealous of those of you who live in warmer climates.   And those who have room for a greenhouse, for that matter (someday!)
Figs (10 cultivars, some named, others unk... all potted for now)
Plum (santa rosa, 'lost the tag like a fool')
Peach (july elberta)
Asian pear (Korean Giant)
Euro Pear (Bosc primary w/ 5 grafted limbs from local finds)
Apple (seedling rootstock, hope to graft this spring)
Jujube (Li)
Hardy Kiwi (Anna, Arctic Beauty male)
Loads of veggies, always experimenting with new (to me anyway) stuff

Subject: question about CELESTE "types" Replies: 77
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 5,006
I'll go ahead and add another twist to this already awsome post.  Any of you southern celeste experts have a comment on the origin of the celeste?  There was that post about the andalusian wild fig the other day and herman mentioned that something resembling that may be the celeste.  The whole french/cajun connection would lead one to believe that celeste would have come to these shores from France, and Dan mentioned that it has been cultivated in the south since colonial times.  Then again, the spanish also had hand in the early days of the american south.   Maybe a spanish fig to start out with.  Did the cajuns bring it with them from the north?  Just a thought.  And a bit more of the fun of figs i guess.

Subject: Lean-to greenhouses / anyone ever used? Replies: 13
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 1,296
Listen to the aluminum/PT lumber advice from Dennis.  The chemicals in the lumber will eat the aluminum quick.  4x4 cedar would be a good alternative, but much cheaper just covering the PT with plastic as described above.  The little lean to looks exactly what I was planning to build (reinventing the wheel i guess) with old storm windows I've gathered over the last year or so.  My biggest concern would be all the time and effort going into design and build, and ending up with a GH that's too small.  That said, if it fits your space and that's it, go for it.

Subject: How about this idea? Replies: 9
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 1,149

I've never made it to Bill's place, but I have visited an old timer who claims to have given Bill his first figs...  Bill's system appears to be an improvement on that of the old dude....  The crown-above-the-rim concept appears to be one of these improvements.... To the best of my understanding, the biggest advantage is to allow for rain water to run off rather than running into the pot.... the idea of self watering being that the plant ONLY gets water from below, and they only lose moisture through foliar respiration...  That said, I built two of these pots myself and planted my figs at normal level... I mulched very heavily to retain as much moisture as possible...

Subject: Well sweep Replies: 13
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 1,339
Bass... Can't believe all the figs you have coming ripe already... And each one as beautiful as the next... Should have my first by Monday, if the sun shows its face any time soon...

Subject: recent harvest Replies: 5
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 576
Damn Bass, those are some nice figs for eastern Pa in mid august....  Mine are getting close, but none ripe yet... Hopin I get to them before the squirrels do!

Subject: What is wrong with this leaf? (pic) Replies: 10
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 638
Just a guess, but the grayish dots in the dead area look to be fungus of some type... Tomatoes and winter squash have similar dead leaves for me... and again, some do some don't... Perhaps that particular fig is just a bit more prone to infection... And the rain isn't helpin one way or the other...

Subject: Incirlik, Turkey Replies: 5
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 674
So the US military is destroying somebody else's country...  Where have I seen that before?

Subject: My Hardy Chicago Breba Replies: 8
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 910
Your pics may have answered my question before I even asked it... I know of a rather large fig growing here (Northeast Pa) that I know gets no winter protection.  I payed it a visit the other day and found ripe brebas!! Look and taste were almost identical to those you described...  In my humble opinion, it wasn't half bad for an outdoor, unprotected fig in the northeast... May work on a couple cuttings come winter...

Subject: Coffee Grounds Replies: 9
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 1,240
Funny bout the snowball... My great uncle used to add lime because he liked the flowers to be a lighter pink... As for the coffee grounds... I make a full pot every morning and add the grounds to the compost... I can't imagine how many pounds of coffee are actually in that bin! And how much $ I saved not going to starbucks every morning... I'm sure the composting changes the grounds chemically in one way or another, plus i add lime to my finished compost, that said I can't help but think that their acidity would have to be balanced out one way or the other for them to have any really positive effect on your figs...

Subject: a site about greenwood cuttings Replies: 8
Posted By: Sage721 Views: 895
New to the propagation thing... Can I take cuttings now?  Or better to wait till he wood goes dormant...


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